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Happy Birthday Gerard, you wonderful person! :) I hope that this year for you will be full of open doors and new surprises! Have an amazing year, and an awesomazing day!!!!!

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The Past Sings: An Essay of MCR

In English class we were assigned to write an essay about taking or not taking someone's advice. I chose to write about taking the advice of My Chemical Romance, a band that has changed the world for me and made me who I am today. Although nothing I could write could show how deeply I care about them, I hope that this will suffice.

While I am here, I will first say a few words on the band's finishing.

I know some people are upset, maybe even angry, and I understand. It feels like I've lost a best friend, or like I've been shot in the stomach. It makes me shake sometimes -i'm shaking now- and pace around my room, leaving me to wonder what I should do.
But... We have to remember what My Chemical Romance has done for us. We have to remember that they still have lives to live, lives filled with families, friends, and plenty more memories to be made. We can't ask them to do this forever. We must respect them, as they respect us.

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What was your MCR expirience/concert like? Here's mine from Cincinnati. ^^

Soooo I went with my three best friends to the My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 Honda Civic Tour concert in Cincinnati, (for MCR, we had to leave before Blink because of my friends schools that started the next day :[ ) It was my first ever concert and I have one thing to say: If for one minute I thought I was better than a sixteen year old girl in a Blink 182 t-shirt, I was sorely mistaken. It was the first time I went to a real concert and saw my favorite band. I wore their shirt, and sang every single word. I didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. (And I still don't) All I knew was that their music made me feel different from anyone who had ever bothered to wave back at me in the hallway. Someone finally understood me. I learned what music is about.