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I'm making an album, suckuh!!

This should explain it all :P

Do We All Fall Down

Hey guys. its been so freakin long since I've been on here that its crazy. MCR broke up, yeah but I guess this site is still going strong :D This video here is called Do We All Fall Down and its a rewrite I did of Desert Song. It's for a musical of mine called Soundtrack to Armageddon. Check it out!


So I'm writing this's called Dream Hill. It's about a guy in a wheel chair who learns to walk. His parents both die and his best friend is killed. but he gets a new chance at love when he meets a girl (yadda yadda). Oh yeah....the whole soundtrack is made up of my favorite disney songs....Whaddya think??

idk what to type mind is a blank. eh comment if yours is too

HAHA Sub if you want, I'm just saying its funny and I made this. go ahead and enjoy
Danger Days Game sprites

Okay so here some sprites from the game I'm making. Idk if you can see them very well...but...I'm working on that

Play as The Killjoys!!

Okay so who likes Mega-Man and Metroid and games like that?? like the old super nintendo games?? well I'm actually in the process of making a game based off of mcr's new videos. its called, oddly enough, Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys. right now everything is Right and I can only play as Party Poison and I get stuck in the but if yalls know how to make guitar pro files or midi songs, I'd love for ya to help me out by making some of the new MCR songs from the album. I have Na Na Na and Party Poison, but i need MORE!! lol I can do somethin awesome with em.


Okay so...the video was incredibly well done. one thing ticked me off though. WHY DID THEY DIE! Please explain that jk but yeah, I wasnt expecting that. Good thing The Dr was there to pick up Grace


WHO WANTS TO SEE A KILLJOYS MOVIE?!?!?! Starring MCR of coarse...but think about the awesomeness!

Solitary Shell

Hey! Check it out, little