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Relapse... poem

Missing the pinch didnt last
even though it was such a little task.

Little by little, I do hold back
look at me, i am intact.

Small slit
would make many fit.

I dont know what else to do,
try to fit in my shoes?

Like i said before, the pain soothes,
although the skin isnt as smooth.

Hopefully Ill stop for good,
I know I know, Ive been told i should.

I try my best
to ace this test.

I ache for the sharpness on my skin,
Though some call it a sin.

One day,
I'll throw them away.

In my relapsed brain,
it'll take a lot to throw away Blade.

Blade... a poem

I promised myself just once more,
but for the blade im a whore.

The feeling of pain,
is too hard to explain.

It soothes my mind,
different ways to calm, i make myself blind.

The blade understands me 100 percent,
and in my life and every moment.

It knows where ive been, and my name,
everything but the shame.

It hurts me and others,
but still it smothers.

Let the blood run down,
soak into the ground.

Its calling me again,
Just count to ten?

I told i wouldnt,
was told i shouldnt.

I have to keep my promise,
So my friend the blade, I will miss.

I cried at this <3

— She said she wanted to get high, so he took her to the tallest hill on town.
— She said she wanted to stay up all night&& drink, so he gave her a 12 pack of caffeinated soda and said "Drink Up !"
— She said she wanted to shoot herserlf in the face, so he gave her a water gun and let her pull the trigger.
— She said she wanted to cut herself, so he took her a picture of her face&& some scissor
s and let her cut it up. — She said she wanted to cry herself to sleep, so he had her watch a sad/romantic movie before bed.

Just a so true quote... :)

your scars are not ugly. they are proof that you cried but refused to let your tears hit the ground

Been goin crazy, dont want to waste another minute :)

aaah :) Love this song :)

See this?

I think I'm getting used to this :) And I'm liking it :)

I just got back from a whole day with my boyfriend, and I'm on a natural high of happiness :) I honestly dont feel like anything can bring me down :)<3

More good news. No more scars. Ever again. <3 :)

Why cant the people around me be happy too, though?

~Ritalin Lithium~

Tryiing to light one's day up :)

Dear Karma, I really hate you right now, you made your point.

'Are you mad at me?' Nooooo, I'm actually happy that you broke my heart and hurt me....

Due to recent cutbacks and until further notice, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

Due to circumstances within my control, tomorrow will be cancelled.

A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good

I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception.

I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here.

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian

is it just me, or?

are people getting irritable, depressed, anxious, and tired a lot more and alot more easily nowadays?

~Ritalin Lithium~

Weapon Of Rest.... poem

She say's smile on sunshine,
as she cuts her guilt away.

She closes her eyes,
and waits to forget this day.

She listens to the hurt,
and forgets about what the say.

She moves her help to the left,
and picks it up to bring it to the right.

She presses down hard,
with almost all her might.

She looses her sanity,
and doesnt know if she'll wake up after tonight.

All things go black,
and she lies down on her back.

Waiting for the damn saviors,
the ones who will attack.

Attack and sabataoge her plan they will,
all together like a wolf pack.

Pissed, yes,
but it was all a test.

A dream in heat,

what the fuck.

is that a smile?! Yeah it is, finally :)

Sorry for the face,,, but hey. im keepin it ugly :)

~Ritalin Lithium~