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this is sick as well :(

Has anyone heard of the guy who started a fire this morning, just to shoot the 4 firefighters who responded?? We have these amazing people who take up dangerous jobs just to get murdered for no reason?!

Why is the society we live in today this fucked up? What in the hell?

R.I.P to the two who did not survive, and thank you for protecting your community<3

can u click on this? please?

its one of my friends. i think he's great, and would love getting feedback :)

Thanks :)

~Ritalin Lithium~

Merry Christmas Killjoys :) !!!!!!

Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone has happy holidays and stuff!! Im not great at this wishing people happiness but i really hope everyone is happy and gets what they want and feels happiness and love :)
And congrats :) We made it through another year :)
Love You All Killjoys!!!
Stay strong :)
~Ritalin Lithium~


I cried when i saw this assholes tweet... what in the heeeeell? :'(

Pass it on!!!
A Poem... Ragdoll

warning this is kind of depressing and some think it is disturbing. but i needed to post this


Thrown down as one backed away
and made to stay

cried and pleaded
but has to stay seated

dragged to him
while the expression on his face dimmed

too scared to move,
while the hair ontp of my head got smoothed

forced a kiss
and tried to kick but a miss

struggled, feeling weak,
knowing what he seeks

screamed and cried
even if i got away theres no place to hide

grabbed my throat,
making me choke

slap at his hand
telling him I'll follow every command

i had real fun :)

Friday night i actually smiled for once and it wasnt fake :) me and my cousins <3

i had real fun :)

Friday night i actually smiled for once and it wasnt fake :) me and my cousins <3

i had real fun :)

Friday night i actually smiled for once and it wasnt fake :) me and my cousins <3

would you call this a poem?

I never wnted to be the girl....
who hates everything about herself
who hates her parents
who has a druggie for a mother
who gets called a pothead and has to take it, because shes afraid of getting her mother in trouble
who is afraid of her father at times
who is 14 or 15 and has been taking care of her sister since she was 7
who has marks up and down her body
who is the ugly outcast nobody likes
who gets the disgustig looks
who gets hit on all the time
who let 3 men hurt her in ways that shouldnt happen
who knows how to fake a smile so perfectly
who hates the little thing called life
who has