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My stolen ABC's

A: Age: eh, 15
B: Where I'm from: USA
C: Where I would like to live: anywhere but this town im in now xD no offense!
D: Favorite food: tacos
E: Religion: I don't have one. But, sometimes it sounds comforting
F: Sexual orientation: bisexual
G: Single/taken: single
H: Favourite book: impossible to say! Anything James Patterson is great! :D
I: Eye color: changes from blue to grey to green :) lol I love my eyes
J: Favourite movie: either S.W.A.T. or Edward Scissorhands
K: Favourite TV show: Supernatural, Walking Dead, Chicago Fire, Ghost Adventures, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Being Human, Doctor

I apologize?

and now for another little rant i guess :/
soo i just came home from my dads and step moms and well, i decided i fucking hate it there.

I was making myself dinner and by accident i had dropped a new box of strawberries. now i quickly picked them up, and they could be washed but my step mother starts flipping out, and yells, "Why cant you..?!"
I look at her and ask, "Why cant i what?"
"Why cant you be normal?"

wow.. um thanks, i guess?

Im sorry im not your typical, straight-A student with blonde hair who loves to exercise, loves the color pink, and all that stuff because they're so perfectly

Just sharing the fact that this just happened xD

so, the tv is on and a commercial with kids who have deformations (i think thats what youd call it) and its so sad, and this one girl says "I have no friends. They wont play games wih me."
My cousin. My 11 year old cousin, says "Awh it sounds like Rudoplh."
I shouldnt laugh but holy shit, whhhy xD
Way to break the sadness xD


wow way to spell

Alright, so :)

this is fucking adorable. Just saying.

Not enough words <3~

I will never be able to truly say how much i love need and cherish My Chemical Romance, and the 4 members.
Each and every one of these guys, are a hero to me.
There literally are not enough words. They have save my life many times. They make me believe life is worth it. They inspire me to be the greatest i can be.
They're all beautiful inside and out. They're strong. They're caring. They did what they believed in. They made a difference. Im 100% positive I'm not the only one who feels like this.
I dont know what else to say or how to put it.
This was just on my mind.

I need advice, please!

i just recently started talking to an ex and we flirt alot, and we talk about our time before we broke up and stuff. long story short, he was my first love, i'll always love him i feel. i did kind of want to start things up again but i wasnt sure.
i thought things were going good, i thought i might be able breath and feel 100% happy again!
we were talking about normal stuff and he sends me this:
i hope its okay for you if we stay friends and nothing more ?
my heart just... hurts. i dont know if i want to cry, hit something, i dont know...
i dont want to be just friends with him.

my new hair :)

and this is actually permanant :)

excuse the cleavage -.- i tried getting a better picture but this is really the only two that you can actuallysee my hair... lol... akward. :D

yay! *claps frantically*

now to go get made fun of at school for it :) thats cool. dont care. i love this so much! eek!

Well the song, im obsessed with this guys voices... i love his voice so much lol
and well, i just saw the movie; cried my eyes out, but it was AMAZING :) And i get to go see it again on a field trip, so double yay for today?! Yes please and thank you xD


Sooo :)

new shirt, new bracelet collection, and new poster addition to my wall :)

i need another arm and another wall xD

~Ritalin Lithium~

Soooo um :)

I feel ridiculous for saying this, but I JUST heard MCR's two new songs.

I just put make up onand started crying to... fail on my part, but oh my god... I love these songs. My Cheimcal Romance, you never fail <3

~Ritalin Lithium~

Past 2 weeks

well, if anyones noticed i havent been on in the past two weeks! Ive been at my fathers with no internet, which sucks!!
well, so have the past 2 weeks.
I asked my boyfriend for some space to handle my grades, depression, and i wanted to get a grip on a relationship wth one of my friends that was getting serious, and i wantedtto stop that. i mostly needed time for me, with depression. but with focusing on that stuff i wouldnt be able to focus on that and me and my boyfriend at the same time. i wasnt trying to hurt him and i thought i was being reasonable...
he told me he wanted to get back