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What My Chemical Romance means to me

I'm writting this because I've always wanted people to know what music means to me. But My Chemical Romance is a big influence to me.I'm14 and lifes kinda on the edge right now. I'm having a hard time right now because my brother got really sick, my grades are slipping, I've lost some friends, and I thought life sucked and there was only one way out. One day I turned on my Ipod and ~Sing by My Chemical Romance~ was playing and I continued to listen to My Chemical Romance and felt better. I no longer cut myself, and I feel theres hope for me and people who care.

New York

okay, I've been saving up for a ticket to FINALLY see My Chemical Romance. and I was so excited when i heard they were going to New York, but then i forgot about it (how would i ever forget that? Idontknow....) and i missed them!! And my mom wont bring me anywheres else, so i have to wait.... I'll try to remember next time ;) I posted this, because i wanted to see if I'm the only one whos ever done this... am i?