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Setting aside the story for a moment. This serious please

All the fuck heads who think its funny to bully people who may like the same gender can go fuck themselves. I'm tired of keeping this all in. I just watched a music video by Rise Against - Make It Stop. I ended up crying because of it. Not BAWLING MY EYES OUT crying, but i got tears in my eyes. The homophobic, or the people who hate on LGBT's, or whatever. Keep it to youself!! It shouldnt matter what gender someone likes anyways! But seriously, there's been so many suicides because of bullying against LGBT's. I'm proud to be bisexual, and my brother's damn proud to be gay.


I love pulling all nighters with my big brother xD

Teenagers Survive part 3

I take out my ray gun again and I point it at a drac, and right before I shoot, a drac from behind comes up and chokes me with his arm. I scream, “THUNDER!!!” Thunder comes to where I am and stops in his tracks. “Ritalin.” He gasps. I put my hand on the dracs arm, attempting to flip him but he won’t move. I feel tears run down my cheeks. This is the end. I feel the drac shake and he drops, I turn around and see Kobra, who shot the drac. I mouth the words thank you and turn back around to be face to face with another drac and I punch him real hard in the neck, which I hear and feel it snap.

Guuuuysss :'( I'm freaked out :'(

My neighbors like, in his 50's and he's always feeling me up, checking me out, and like, just 10 minutes ago he kissed my arm and shit :'( Im really scared about telling anyone bc hes really weird and stuff and idk if anyone would believe me... What should i do guys? :'(

Teenagers Survive part 2

I start walking out of the house, well, storming out of the house and hear Wasted Noise say, “Rit!!! STOP!” I stop and turn around. “What? Why?” “Dude, look outside,” she says, when I notice she’s shaking, and my friends are all sitting at the table in like, fucking S.O.S mode… whatever the fuck that means and I go over and slightly move the blinds to look. “HOLY FUCK!!!!” I yell out and quickly go under the couch and grab my ray gun. When I come up Poison’s looking at me. “What?” I ask him. “There’s too many for us to try and save ourselves.” “There’s only about 30 dracs!!” “Ritalin!

Ritalin’s P.O.V

I wake up and look over at my friends, fellow killjoys, and sigh. Wait, where the hell is Black Thunder? I sit up and look all around the room.
“Thunder?” I whisper.

Thunder walks into the room, “Hey sorry I was getting food.” He says, and I notice the chips, soda, and Hot Pockets. “How do you weigh only 118 pounds, with all the food you eat, and barely any exercise?” I ask him. Thunder stuffs chips in his mouth, “Uh, I don’t know. How do you go forever without eating?” he says back. “I’m magic,” I wink at him and go and go to hug him.


The title says it all >.> I need killjoy names!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I need help

I'm starting a fanatic now and i need ideas, and/or killjoy names!!!! PLEASSSSSEEEE<3

*~<3Ritalin Lithium <3~*

You know whats funny Killjoys?

My ex-boyfriend is dating a whore, a slut, a skank, a bitch. Idk i went on her facebook page and her profile pic is her in her underwear, and her employment says she works at Playboy? Isn't that fucking hilarious!!!???!!!

Ritalin Lithiums official Ray Gun <3

I made myself my gun, What do you guys think?!

<3*~Ritalin Lithium~*<3

Oh boy iforgot, deluxe isnt on my gun... I forgot! XD