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Guys!!! please tell me what you think about my MCR day video :)
I love you My Chemical Romance <3 :)

╔╝╚╗★╚╣║║║║╠╣ My Chemical Romance
╔╝╚╗★╚╣║║║║╠╣ My Chemical Romance
╔╝╚╗★╚╣║║║║╠╣ My Chemical Romance
╔╝╚╗★╚╣║║║║╠╣ My Chemical Romance
x1000000 :)

Teenagers Survive part 13 (The end!!)

I wrote the thing and i almost cried XD Thats pathetic xD the sequal will be named either, The Kids From Yesterday or Heaven Help Us

Wasted Noise and I continue walking out to where the car had flipped. I taste more blood, so I spit it out. Gah, I hate that taste but then I like it. It’s weird. Anyways, Noise looks at me and says, “Sorry about that.” I give her a scornful look. “Yeah, whatever.” I see Poison so I run up to him and hug him, while hugging him I whisper in his ear, “Don’t hurt her please.

Teenagers Survive part 12

I start running after Wasted Noise and yell out to her, "Why are you doing this!?" She looks back looks forwards again and keeps running. Thank god I did track AND cross country when I was younger. I look down real quick at my ray gun. I cant shoot her. We're friends. Or, we were friends. I see Noise jump over a box and then she knocks down a barrel of rocks to distract me. But I keep running and jump over the same box she jumped over, and do a front hands spring to avoid the rocks, and land on my feet.

I keep running after Wasted Noise but she turns down an alley and I almost lost her.

Happy IMCRD!!!!!! :D

This is just a little video i made at 5am in the morning :)

My Chemical Romance, you have done soooo much for me <3 So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
I know the video isnt much, but when i was 5 Bullets came out. I heard Three Cheers when that came out and then listened to Bullets. I LOVED the music, and i have listened to My Chemical Romance since then. In the past year, I have been going through some really bad shit with being raped, i cut myself, and all sorts of stuff.

I dont cut anymore because i used my My Chemcical Romance CD's and Ipod playlists when i felt like cutting

Teenagers Survive part 11

We got back to our room and Party Poison says, “Okay, lets walk around, we could hot wire cars to help us. We need to find Wasted Noise.” “The people hot wirring cars will be me, Kobra, and Jet. Since we’re the only ones who know how,” I add, then ask Poison, “Should we split or stay together?” “We should split, but how will we?” “I’ll take Thunder, Kobra, and Bandit. You take Jet, Punk, and Ghoul,” I suggest. Poison nods, “I’ll have a walkie talkie, Kobra will too. Kobra and your crew will go downtown. I’ll go uptown.” Poison says.

21 Random Facts about Me

11 Random Happy Facts About Meh;
1. I’m OBSESSED with My Chemical Romance
2. I like pepperoni pizza
3. I want blood red hair with black tips
4. I hate the color pink
5. I’m bisexual and fucking proud of it
6. I like to sing and dance in public places :D
7. I’m VERY energetic
8. I LOVE Monster (all energy drinks)
9. My favorite animal is a Leopard
10. I want to be a Police Detective and/or a Photographer when I grow up!!! :D
11. I’m Atheist ( I dont believe in ANY god whatsoever)

10 Random Depressing Facts About Meh;
1. I USED to cut myself, I have scars to prove it
2. I’m still anorexic

Teenagers Survive part 10

Thunder took my hands in his and looked me in the eyes then hugged me. “It’s okay, Rit, I still love you,” he pulled back and held my cheeks in his palms and kissed me. I kissed back for 3 minutes and Kobra coughed. “Umm we still need to find Wasted Noise guys, so lets stop making out.” I look at Thunder, he’s lying. I don’t believe him. He cant get over that, that fast. It’s like inhuman or some shit.

“everyone lets walk around and see if we can find Noise, since Punks fine apparently, he can come too. You too Rit.” Poison commands “Whats gonna happen if we find her?

Teenagers Survive part 9

Stripped Bandit walks in the room and everyone stares at him. “What?” he asks. Punk starts standing up, but I go up to him and press his shoulders. “Rita-!” “Shh! You need to relax!” Thunder comes over and puts an arm around my shoulders, “Whats going on here?” I look at Thunder and roll my eyes, “Nothing! I’m helping him!” I yell at him. “Why don’t you trust me with Punk!?” “I don’t trust him! But why don’t you too just go live happily ever after!? Cause I’m done.” I slap him, I don’t know why but I do.

Teenagers Survive part 8

I wake up again to hear Wasted Noise, Poison, Kobra, Fun Ghoul, Jet, Thunder, Punk, Striped Bandit, and Raven Candy all talking about me. I stand up and walk over to them. “Hey guys,” I say wincing because of my back. Everyone stops talking and stares at me. Thunder stands up slowly and says, “Rit, we have bad news.” “What’s the bad news?” I ask. Thunder looks at Kobra and Poison. Kobra looks at me, “We think, maybe you shouldn’t travel with us anymore.” Kobra says. “WHAT?!? What do you mean by that?!” I say to Poison and Kobra. Poison takes my hand and takes me outside.

We sit down on the