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Kissed your cousin: Only on the cheek
Ran away: Yep
Pictured your crush naked: No.
Skipped school: yup
Broken someone's heart: Yeah
Been in love?: Yes
Cried when someone died: yeah
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yeah
Broken a bone: nope
Done something embarrasing: hahaha DUH
Lied: Yeah :/ to my parents
Cried in school: yeah

Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Sprite or 7UP: 7Up
Girls or Guys: I'm bisexual, sooo, uh, both
Flowers or Candy: Candiiiies
Scruff or Clean shaved: depends on the guy :3
Blondes or Brunettes: depends again
Bitchy or Slutty: wait... what does

Heaven Help Us part 8

Poison's P.O.V
Finally. I finally told Ritalin. It felt good tell her, that I love her. We were walking in a medow full of flowers and grass. I start hummingthe tune to her favorite song I, my brother, Ghoul, and Jet sing. The song of course is SING too, She smiles and starts humming along with me. "Wanna go sit by the tree in the shade?" I ask, then continue humming. She nods and tugs on my hand and we sit by the tree.

I lay with my back against the tree and Ritalin lies on top of me. I hold her right hand with my left hand over her kinny tummy.

Heaven Help Us part 7

Ritalin's P.O.V.
After releasing from the group hug with them, I look at Kobra and Poison, who both give me sympathetic smiles. "Hey, do you wanna go for a walk? I gotta talk to you about something," Poison says. I smile and say, "Yeah, sure." I grab Poison's hand and he intertwines his fingers with mine. I smile again, and he smiles too. I pull on his hand and he gets off the bed with me.

Heaven Help Us part 6

Kobra's P.O.V

I walk out of my room, leaving Poison and Ritalin together. I walk out into the living room up to Thunder, and punch him as hard as I can. "You are the biggest prique i have ever met! You had absolutly NO right to do that to Ritalin! She loved you more than anything and would've done anything to keep you safe! You were her damn world! Now all she wants to kill you!" I yell at Thunder. I turn around but then look at him again. "And you know what? If she pulls a gun or kto him too. And he knife on you, me and Poison wont stop her."


Heaven Help Us part 5

Thunder's P.O.V
I hear a door slam and then Ritalin scream. I kind of feel bad, but this might work. I could kill her easier if we're not attached.. I guess th thought of Exposition here does work. I'm just not looking foward to killing Ritalin, Kobra, and Poison.

Exposition brings me in the guest room and kisses my cheek after she shuts the door. I slide my hands up and down her sides and smile. A blonde strand of hair falls in Expositions face, so i gently pull it back behnd her ear. I kiss her softly and feel her grinning while we kiss.

Then there's

Heaven Help Us part 4

Poison's P.O.V

Just what we need. Exposition is nothing but trouble. We were finally having a good time andse came here and ruined it. " what are you doing here?" I sternly ask Exposition. Hereyes twinkle and she rubs Thunder's arms, so i grab Ritalin's hand. Exposition says, "I met Thunder at the store earlier, and he invted me to stay." then she smiles.

"Well, you in-" Thunder starts to say, but Exposition shushes him with her finger on his lips. Thunder looks at her and laughs, "She's gonna stay here for a night or two," he says.

Heaven Help Us part 3

Ritalin's P.O.V
Jet throws me on the couch and Kobra and Poison come up from behind him with pillows and attack me. Ilaugh and rip a pillow away from Stripped Bandit, who was hitting Poison and Kobra with two pillows. I take the pillow, stand up on the couch and smash it on Kobra's back. He spins around and hits me back in the face, so i scream and hit him again. Punk walks in, "What the f-" he dodges a pillow that Ghoul throws at him.I laugh and think.... Where's Thunder? Him here would be so much fun. Why's he taking so long?

I spit a feather out of my mouth

Heaven Help Us part 2

Thunder's P.O.V

I can't stop thinking about Ritalin... ugh, originally this was just a task. Get the Killjoys to seperate and go seperate ways. I got this assignment 1 year ago. I thought it was gonna be easy. I thought using Ritalin would be easy. But i cant help it. I fell deeply in love with her.

I walk into the wearhouse that's next to the store. I walk in and THE light comes on, so I step foward into it. "Thunder," the voice says. "Good job with Wasted Noise. Now, get the others to betray each other.

Heaven Help Us part 1

Ritalin’s P.O.V.
I open my eyes and yawn. Last month we lost Wasted Noise, and I haven’t seen her since then… I kinda miss her… I sit up and stretch my arms out. Gah, it’s morning already? Wow… last night we had a little party because we finally gota place. Its in Battery City, but it’s out in the middle of nowhere in Battery City. It’s a nice, quiet place. I love it. I roll off of the couch I sleep on and go to check to see if Thunder’s awake. I open his rooms door and step in gently. “Hey, you awake?” I whisper.

New fan fiction... well its a sequal ;)

It's a sequal to Teenagers Survive!!!! :O


Yes way :) hahah
well, if part 1 is not up today or tomorrow, it will be this week!!!

`~Ritalin Lithium~`