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Heaven Help Us part 25

Poison’s P.O.V
Running with Bandit down a hall is hard because everything sidetracks him.

I was running and a door opens, so before I shut it, Bandit screams bloddy murder.

“What the hell Bandit?!” I yell spinning around to see a spider on the wall, and him freaking out. “Jet, hit Bandit.”

Jet hits Bandit and then aims his gun at the spider and shoots it. “There you go, Bandit.” Jet smirks.

“We need to go!!!!!” I yell, shut the door, and continue running down the hall. I need to save Kobra! FUCK! I cant loose my brother and girlfriend, the same time, and day.

Heaven Help Us part 24

Kobra’s P.O.V
I was sitting in a pitch black room, tied to a chair, when I know two dracs Thunder and Exposition wakl in because a light turns on.

“So, how are you Kobra? I wish we did, but we never got along. Why is that?” Thunder says, knowing he’s pissing me off.

“Go to hell, jackass,” I spit at him. Thunder grabs a chair and slides it in front of me, and sits on it with the back of the chair to me, but he rests his head on the back, eyeballing me. I notice a shinny object, but look at him again quickly.

“Oh, this,” Thunder says when he notices me looking at

Heaven Help Us part 23

Poison’s P.O.V
“Rit, please be okay,” I whisper to Ritalin’s sleeping body, while holding her hand against my cheek.

Where’s Kobra? There’s a knock on the door so I let go of Ritalin’s hand andsee Punk standing there.

“How is she?” he asks me walking in.

“Shes in a coma,” I sigh and look back at Ritalin. Punk waljks slowly up to her bedside and touches her arm. I don’t know why a touch bothers me, but it did, and I’m thirsty. I feel my fangs poking through my gums, so I pretend I have to tie my shoe, and slip 4 blood tablets into my mouth.

Heaven Help Us part 22

Kobra’s P.O.V
“Hey D, does the vending machine have Cheezos?” I ask Dr. Death. He gives me a death stare and shakes his head.

“I don’t know Kobra,” he says and gives me $3.50. “Go look, and if they do, get me a bag too.”

I take the money and nod. I have to pass Ritalin’s hospital recovery room so I stop and poke my head in the doorway.

“Bro, want Cheezos to cheer you up?” I ask him when I see him sitting in the chair staring at Ritalin.

Poison looks at me and wipes tears off his cheeks. I feel so bad for him and Ritalin.

“Nah, but thanks,” he sniffs.

I walk up

Heaven Help Us part 21

Poison’s P.O.V
“Fuck!” I yell. “Why him and her? Ritalin doesn’t deserve this, to be in this hospital.” I take a deep breath and let it out to relax.

Kobra stands up and says, “Poison, turns around.”

I turn around to see Dr. Skelie , who doesn’t look very happy. “What’s wrong with Ritalin?” I ask him.

“She’s in a coma. She might be awake in hours, days, weeks… or years. I’m so sorry,” Dr. Skelie tells me. Again, I think, Why the hell her? Rit doesn’t deserve this shit.

“Can I see her?” Dr. Skelie looks at Dr. Death, who nods and Dr. Skelie coughs.


Top 10 Itunes!!!

Mindofzeus1 had said that we should do our top 10 on ITunes!!!

So heres mine i guess :3

1. Sing by My Chemical Romance
2. I'm Not Okay by My Chemical Romance
3. When I'm Gone by Avril Lavigne
4. Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides
5. Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
6. Danger line by Avenged Sevenfold
7. Bullet by Hollywood Undead
8. Time of Your Life by Green Day
9. Situations by Escape The Fate
10. Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides

STOLEN again

[x] It’s night right now
[x] There’s something else you should be doing at the moment
[] You ate chicken today
[] You are lactose intolerant
[x]There’s a nearby TV on
[] You get along with your neighbors
[x] Twilight is a horrible series
[] You’re hungry right now
[x] You have worked out today
[] Running a mile sounds awful
[x]You have a job
[] You love to bake Christmas cookies
[] Your parents are still together (I think so)
[]You woke up before 8 this morning
[] Baths are better than showers
[x] You are 5’5” or shorter I think...
I loooove British Accents!!! I think they’re hot ;) [] You

This Guy Made This For Meh :3

I love it :3 but this guys not my boyfriend and he really likes me... and i knida like him too, but then theres the guy in Canada. They're both long distance, so IDK what to do...

All the guys close to me are dicks, so thats why i cant find a good boyfriend where i live, fyi

Heaven Help Us part 20

Kobra’s P.O.V.
“No, please! She hates hospitals,” Poison argues Dr. Death Defy.

“Poison,” Dr. D says. “Its that, or she can die.”

I go up to my brother and put a hand on his shoulder, “Bro, she needs a hospital.”

Poison looks at me, then Ritalin and sighs, “Fine, just make sure she gets the best doctor they have.”

“I’ll do my best,” Dr. Death promises Poison. He picks Ritalin up and he puts her in the back seat of his car, and Poison sits next to her, holding her limp body. So I sit in the front passengers seat.

I look out at Jet, Punk, Ghoul and Bandit.

This IS NEWS TO MEEEE!!!! I cant believe i didnt know!!!!

Gee's a father? XD I need answers, am i right?