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Im no Barbie, Im Me (Its been awhile. I missed you guys)

Anyways, yeah, its been fucking forever since ive been on here. been through some shit lately, so sorry about that if you were following my story. I'll try to upload some more. Im actually on my 4th in the series now.
Well, but i havent been on in a while because my father is very ridiculous.
I made a mistake. I talked to the wrong people and did a couple things wrong. So, what the fuck? Hes not fucking perfect either. But my brother is right?
Fuck you. Im no barbie im me. Im not a perfect blonde with straight A's. Sorry?
I get shit at school too. Not alot anymore, but hey.
Anyways, hanging

Heaven Help Us Trouble shit

Im Putting this up tomorrow! I promise!!!!!!!

Im so sorry if you follow the story. But it will finally be up tomorrow!

~Ritalin Lithium~

bored in school :)

1. How old will you be in five years? 19
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? My Classmates
3. How tall are you? 5'3''
4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? i dont know! Seeing my crush :)
5. What’s the last movie you saw? Paranormal Activity 3
6. Who was the last person you called? my mom
7. Who was the last person to call you? my crush : Brandon
8. What was the last text message you received? i dont have a phone -.-
9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? My mom
10. Do you prefer to call or text? CALL
11. What were you doing at 12am last

Im still aaaliiiive!!

I've been grounded for like EVVVEEEEEEEEER Sorry guys!!! So much shit has been goin on!! Holy fuck -.-

well, I'll try to finsh my story for those followers. sooo sorry again!

Well, i gotta go! leave a message tellin me how you killjoys have been! <3

Ritalin Lithium

Heaven Help Us part 29

Poison’s P.O.V
I grab Ritalin’s hand instantly, and when I start turning around, I use my other hand to reach for my ray gun.

Two outcomes;
Dracs or Flybys.

*Flybys are half avian, half human. They also hate vampires, werewolves, killjoys, dracs, and most humans. They have fangs, super strength, claws, and super speed. *

I turn to see Flybys of course. I’d rather have 4 dozen dracs, than the 6 Flybys that are in front of me. A Flyby steps forward and I recognize him.

Jay Sin, of course. “Hello Poison.” He nods at my brother. “Kobra.”

Ritalin squeezes my

Heaven Help Us part 28

Kobra's P.O.V

I look over at my brother, Poison and Ritalin smiling and talking to each other. Ever since mine and Poison's vampire secret got out, it's been pretty hectic.

Bandit runs up to me. "How long have you been... you know... bitten?"

"4 years, but now, is when we're going to be getting bloodthirsty." I tell him.

"Who did it?"

"Neither of us remember."

"When you need to, wanna, uh, feed on me?"

I stop walking and step in front of Bandit, to slap him.

"Ow," Bandit rubs his cheek.

Everyone else is still walking, so I look at Bandit.

Faaaavoooooriiiite :* Haha iloooveyoouGee ;)

I was searching youtube and found this :)

hahha i love this

~Ritalin Lithium~

To my boo <3 :)

Well, Killjoys, sorry if you find this annoying. But I need to vent about my boyfriend.... I miss him sooooo fucking much right now and i havent talked to him in a while :/

Christophe... I love you with all my heart <33 No matter what my parents do, I will never forget you, and I always will love you. You're the most amazing person I have EVER met, and You're... you and I love that. You love me for who i am and i love you for who you are.

You're sweet, nice, funny, i dont know if you'd believe me, but you're still hot ;), you are smart, you're outgoing, your not a goody too shoes :P, you're

Heaven Help Us part 27

Poison’s P.O.V
Did she seriously just say that?

“Ritalin, I would never feed on you. I love you too much. And I know that would hurt, because to be a vampire, I was bitten, and same thing with Kobra. It hurts a lot and I don’t want to hurt you.” I tell Ritalin, and she tries standing up, but her knees wobble and she falls. I catch her in my arms and while holding her against my chest, I peek at her neck. I can smell her blood… type A…

Kobra coughs and I set Ritalin back on the bed, quickly. She looks back at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Being a vampire sucks!! I hate

Heaven Help Us part 26

Ritalin’s P.O.V
I flutter my eyes open to see Dr. Death sleeping in a chair. I turn my head to see a monitor keeping my heart beat. –beep beep beep- I cough then moan because coughing hurt my throat really bad.

I look up straight and think, Where am I? Why am I here? And Where’s Poison? One of those questions was answered within 5 minutes later.

5 minutes later,
Poison and Kobra come in, but my eyes were closed again, so I listen to them.

“I wonder if she’ll wake up soon…” I hear Poison say. “I miss seeing her beautiful eyes, I miss hearing her voice too…”