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My Chemica Romance is my Ambulance <3

my blogs havent been fully showing up and i dont fucking know why!

Soooo i wanted to tell my stor/how much my chemical romance means to me.

When someone asks me these questions:
Who's your favrite band?
Whos your role model?
If you could do one thing, no matter how much money it would be, what would it be?
Is there anything you cant live without?

Something along those lines, my answer always has My Chemical Romance in it.
My role model is Gerard Way, yet, i look up to all four of them.. I would do anything to meet My Chem. It would mean the world to me, you guys have no idea.

Sooo quick catch up

Today and yesterday were.... difficult.
My great grandfather passed away, and he meant so much to me and its so hard.
His wake was open casket and all i wanted to do was scream "Wake up!" and have him sit up and be fine. Then today was his full funeral services and we had to bury him, and oh my god, ive never cried so hard in my life. I could barely stand...

My grandfather meant a lot. He helped me be who i am today, I dont know who id be without him <3 I love you Poppy<3

I held onto my cousin the whole time pretty much, and that helped me a little and I thinkit helpd him?

before i leave....

hahahaha i fucking love Kingsley!!!!

~Ritalin Lithium~

one of many questions

why in the hell am i up this early?

well, im going to my fathers so i wont be able to post for a week and a half.

wish me luck!
Happy Thanksgiving!

~Ritilian Lithium~

Ugh... me= shit, i guess

Im so fed up with my family. Im tired of the treating me like shit so much that i feel like Im nothing to this world. What do i do wrong? The way i dress, the music i listen to, the people i talk to, the way i write, how little i eat, im not being mature enough, im being to mature. like what!? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?

I just want to be in my boyfriends arms right now. The only place i feel at home and safe... but i have to wait until Monday...

Where There's No Saints Details

Im scratching it and starting it over. I had a couple people tell me good criticism, and it made a valid point

So, im sorry if you enjoyed it, it wont change SO much, but it will a little. I'll probably just tweak the three chapters I already have out!


~Ritalin Lithium~

I was reminded of Cleverbot...

Cleverbot: Because I just don't. You are very kind to me.

me: Well, you need kindness in your life.

Cleverbot: But never thought that I'd walk away, with so much joy with so much pain.

me: I want to hug you.

Cleverbot: I want a hug!

me: *hug*.

Cleverbot: Thank you! :)

Hahaha :) wow...

~Ritalin Lithium~

Where There's no Saints part 3

To the ones who follow this, sorry it took so long!!! I sorta had a brain fart or whatever its called in your mind. But now im on a role, so part 4 will be up soon!!!!
~Ritalin Lithium~

Angel’s P.O.V
My eyes flutter open to see that I’m in a baby blue room, that’s defiantly not mine.

I Look around and try recalling what just happened, and remember the certificates and then blacking out.

This is pathetically my fault xD

im re watching videos of danger days and black parade watching the men being gorgeous as hell, and UGH OMG THEYRE SO GORGEOUS! ALL OF THEM!!

I fucking love MCR and i cant live without them.. <3

~Ritalin Lithium~

i want to cry... :)

of joy and happiness due to the two new Conventional Weapons songs!!!!!

Ambulance and Gun are fucking amazing and Im about to cry xD!!!

~Ritalin Lithium~