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Day 19 - a song from your favorite album

Welcome to the black parade of my FAV album the black parade :):) <3 xoxo

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 21

Nicky P.O.V
Liam had said that we were gonna go town for a bit then meet the guys at the skatepark on the way back. That was fine with me. I wondered what we were going to do in town. I fancied going shopping but I didn't want to drag him around. Maybe the picturea, or was that a little but too romantic? And also i only had a few tenners in my bag. Well I was going to have to go home soon to get some clothes and money. Maybe when my mum was out? That sounded like a plan. I had managed to think it all though by the time we got to town square. Liam had been holding my hand all the way here.

Day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio

Generally any mcr stuff so i wont have to have my headphones in all the time :/ Espically the old stuff though people never play it :'( xoxo

Day 17 - a song that you hear often on the radio

I love this song soo much but they play it all the time :/ xoxo

Ray Gun/Maskk

Is there anyway at all to get a ray gun mask set because i really want one and i looked on ebay and people are selling them for like over a hundred pounds and i don't have that much to spare :(:( xoxo

Day 16 - a song that you used to love but now hate

When i first saw Kesha in this i was like awesome she's a rebelous blonde Great! But then she turned out to be a complete let down :/ xoxo

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 17

Nicky P.O.V
We finished nanana and went straight into sing. Wow i couldn't beleive how amazing this was. Then we played all my favourite : Welcome to the Black Pararde, Demolision Lovers, Prision, Vampires, Fammous last words, Disenchanted, Cancer the list goes on and on. Then we played im not okay. I'd always loved this song it meant so much to me, espically the video. Seeing that mcr got bullied too made me feel better the fact that i wasn't alone
"I'm not okayyyyyayyyyyyayyyyy, you wear me out" i sang
I felt like crying Ryan, Liam and Ben, Harry were Amazing.

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 16

Nicky P.O.V
When we'd finished laughing and sat down with ben Liam explained that i was a good friend and i'd had a running with my mum so i was camping out at his house for the holidays. Then Ben went and get us both a beer and we waited for the bassist to arrive they were late. I wonder how they would mind that i was taking Liam place as the guitarist. He said he wasn't that good anyway just it was convinent but i didn't believe him. I didn't normally drink, mainly because mum wouldn't let me, but i was in a good mood so i sipped my beer. It didnt taste that bad to be honest.

Okay I have a question :/

On nanana about 2:44 theres a dead killjoy in the background and as they only show the mcr killjoys i was thinking is this to symbolise losing bob or somethin ??? Just wonderin been on my mind for a while :/ xoxo

Day 15 - a song that describes you

I love avril's runaway i lisened to it all the time when i was little and i think it just fits :') xoxo