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Happy Birthday Gee :) <3

Ino Ino everyones writting it but this is my little message foe Gee. Thanks for everything ang Happy Birthday :D :D Hope everyone liked the Gee themed fanfic :) xoxo

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 26

"So were playing mcr music so we may as well make the audience feel like their at an mcr concert right ?" I looked around.
All the guys nodded looking intrigued.
"Well lets start with Nanana" i paused scribbling down on the notepad. We had all piled onto the sofa and i was sandwiched inbetween ryan and harry sitting on Liam's lap.
He laughed and whisphered in my ear "Who's a wanna be now".
"Shut up" i said giving him a gentle elbow in the ribs.
"Then maybe destroya, and in the intro with the drums you can say hello to the audience, go over some saftey, like no one falling down blah blah blah

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 25

Chloe P.O.V.
I sat in my room glaring at the laptop screenfor about an hour. Mum had told me to grow up. Dad said i was been a drama queen. They both loved Liam's little whore. Well i hated her guts. I was looking on Harry's profile he'd posted about 40 photos of there band practise the other night. In pretty much all off them all the guys were drooling over her. It made me want to puke. So i decided to step it up a notch, rumors obviously weren't enought for her. i started tapping into my laptop-


My mum just sed that fingers crossed i can get a party poison jacket at the weekend :D:D:D I wa slike YESSSS :) Please Please PLEASE don't sell out okay ? Thanks ;) Byeeee :D xoxo

My #SINGItForJapan :):)

My #SINGItForJapan project :)
What does everybody think ???? xoxo

Day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad

(Last Day YAY :D) Well i think i'm gonna pick Cancer, i love it loads. I was also thinking of disenchanted, there both great for when your feeling sad :) This live video makes me wanna cry when i watch it :/ xoxo

HAHA Awesome !! :D

I just found out that you can order the us stuff too the uk


Okay guys I'm REALLY SORRY about my last post sounding horrible. It wasn't meant like that. I love you guys so so so so so much! It's just hurts a little, no a lot that us in the UK, the MCRmy UK aren't aloud merch other MCRmy's are. I missed out on the masks and the guns, the rubber braclet AND now i'm gonna miss out on the Killjoy jackets :'( It's really upest me :(

Anyone with ANY ideas pleasee help me :(:( xoxo

ARE YOU SHITING ME ?!?!?!?! :@

I've been wanting a mcr braclet for AGES and when i finally go to buy on there no in the UK :/ Not good but dealable BUT THEN the jackets are realeased, naturally i go to order on right away and am meet by NOT AVALIBLE IN THE UK. I think my heart is offically been broken and then stamped on just to finish it off. Like saying oh hear's a beautiful cookie BUT you can't have it :'(:'(

Is There AANNYYYY Way that i can get one PLEASE HELP ME :'( xoxoxo

Day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy

Like frank sez "most songs start at 0 and go up to 100, not nanana it starts at 90 !!" :):): xoxo