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So what do people think of my Frankie inspired profile picture ? :D <3
Manchester Meet-up

Had a great day with the killjoys raising money for Japan and, we owned some chavs butts when they started chanting MCR are shit and fuck the MCRmy XD
Love you all killjoys keep the faith Kia xoxo

Arrghhh :@

Okay so me and my friend were talking about mcr in art as always and this girl goes wait did you say mcr. And we were like since when did you like them. So i go since like 2005 :/ And she goes why ??? There like a group of wanna be emo's. I was like WHAT ?!?
1. My chem don't like been labeled into a music catorgory :/
2. Emo means emotional and shouldn't be used in negative, if your not emotional in your music then whats the point !!
And 3. Frank thinks "emo" is "a load of shit" hehe go frank :) <3

Just annoyed me at the time :/ xoxo

Party Poison Jacket

Pleasseee hurry up and get to my house :D xoxo

FANFIC - Have Faith - Part 29

Liam P.O.V.
"Anyone in?" I called. No reply. Exatly what i expected. "Looks like no one's home" i said while winking at her.
"No chance" she said shoving my arm but she knew i was joking. Her stomach started rummbling and she looked down embarressed.
"You hungrey?"
"Well yeah but we just ate and.."
"Stop; its like lunch time anyway. Tell you what, stick the kettle on and by the times it's done i'll be back with some chips".
"Okay then" I kissed her head lightly then frooze in mid stride. Should i ask. Well why not? Okay ...
"Erm, Nick are we ermm ....." my voice trailed of, slightly

I'm Sorry Guys :/

I havn't blogged in AGES don't worry i'm gonna start writting my fanfic again soon. Maybe write a few chapters tomorrow ? :):) Hope you guys haven't lost interest XD
ElectricBlonde xoxo

Birmingham MeetUp :):)

Today was AMAZING :D:D:D All the killjoys that turned up were really nice, my fellow brothers and sister :) And we went to Kerrang Studio as well :D:D Had so much fun can't wait for the next meetup :D:D xoxo

R.I.P Athina Blake

Your long battle with cancer is finally over so rest in peace beautiful :') xx

Life's So Unfair Sometimes

Sorry i've not posted in a while my Antie passed away on Monday and to make it even worse she had only just married on Sunday. It's hit me quite hard and i may not post in a while.
Keep faith Killjoys xxxx