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Thought Of A New Killjoy Name AGENT-Revenge !!! :D
Guys I need your help ! :)

Before i start writting more have faith, i need to find a black dress for the helena shoot, i want it just above knee length (dancable in:) and really pretty with like a lace up bit on either the front or the back :) Do you guys know any good websites/shops were i could find any dresses like this ?? :) All help/suggestions are appricated Thanks Guys :D xoxo

Manchester Meet Up :D:D

Casually swaped jackets with Chloe :):) I love the fun ghoul jacket :D:D Had an awesome day with the guys .... we stormed pulp and fought of metal heads trying to egg us :D:D xoxo

Manchester Meet-Up Tomorrow People :D <3

Super excited im gonna wear my Kobra Kid Jackets :D:D <3

I am Helena's Blonde Sister XD <3

Just practising my make up for the helena remake :)
What do you guys think ?? :) xoxo

Kobra Kid Jacket just arrived !! :D

I'm Mikey FUCKING Way !! :) <3


Gonna say it again. We need !!! DANCERS ! You will be taught the dance the weekend before so no worries :) In Manchester :D!/event.php?eid=114887475266368 <- Events!/event.php?eid=137328419678130 <- Dance rehersal :):)


We are remaking the Helena video in Manchester on July 23rd :)
I personally scouting dancer for the video because we are short on them but you can come and so what ever you want :)!/event.php?eid=1148874...
^^^ Event Page
Come on guys we need you to come and make this look great !!! :D xoxo

I am so sad XD <3
Okay Killjoys. I haven't posted Have faith in AGES !!

But once i have my exams over next week there will be loads of posting and tons of action ... Stay tuned :D:D xoxo