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for my own benifit haha

1) my chemical romance 2) the killers 3) twin atlantic the blackout, two door cinema club the wombats, the vaccines, chamelion circuit, ben howard, arctic monkeys miles kane the last shadow puppets, athlete the automatic, the beatles, billy joel, greenday, blink 182, blur bob dylon brandon flowersthe calling, the cult, the cure, coldplay, david gray depeche mode,dirty pretty things, don maclean, duran duran, elbow,franz ferdinand, the fray, george harrison, john lennon, the fratellis, green day, the hoosiers, kaiser cheifs, kasabian, keane,the lightning seeds,madness, the manic street preachers, morrissey, the smiths, muse, oasis, ocean colour scene, panic at the disco, owl city, paolo nutini paul simon, pink floyd, pulp, queen, radioead razorlight, simon and garfunkel, stereophonics, snow patrol, tears for fears, travelin wilburys, u2, lonnie donigan,

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you cant do exclamation marks upsidedown on my laptop... this bugs me. would you say it made my laptop racist because spanish people cant use their punctuation right? i dont know i dont think it would cause ya know its just a laptop right?

Anyyyyyywaaaaay i got some of my gcse results and they were alright but its not actually that important cause ive left them at harriets house and i nearly forgot to get them anyway.

i didnt fail anything which is nice.

although i have just remembered that theres a maths on there and i didnt even look at it. oops.
to facebook i guess then.

harmony came down the other week, we jammed in the forest (that is something you should all go do cause its nice and if the horses like you they are really polit and stuff) we also jammed at the beac and got attacked by sandhoppers so we went crazy with the insect repelent.

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times going too quickly

and theirs only one way to stop time for myself and thats out the question so it looks like im screwed.

people are always like what do you wanna do when you leave school? or when you grow up?

i dont, i dont wanna grow up truth is im terrified of it. and im 15 so its not like im a little kid who has years before they actually have to do something about it.
im going into my last year of school in two weeks and then 8 months later im leaving, i have to get a job and ill have to actually be an adult.

dont get me wrong, im not lazy i dont not wanna get a job im a bit scared of getting a job but thats not it.

the bit that terrifies me is that whenever i look around at the world anyone whos "grown up" or a "responsible adult" seems to be everything that everyone hates, they dont seem to listen they seem to be the kinds of people who think that everything revolves around money and to be honest it does but only because they think it does.

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this is a song i wrote

i wrote it about people who self harm and it kinda helped me pull through some bad times, but one of the reasons i wrote it in the way i did is because i wanted people who dont understand self harm and depression to be more aware of it and i think that worked a little bit too.
i did the video for the butterfly project because thats what they help people with and not enough people know about them and they helped one of my friends and yeah.

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a song for the butterfly project

this is a song i wrote to help the butterfly project, if you could share this on places like twitter and facebook thatd be really awesome, i have an aim to get to 1000 views so that that way 1000 people will be told about it, and i might have helped people cause that is what the aim of this was :) so yeah thanks



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thisgs about me

Real name: megan
Killjoy name: fleet fox
Age: 15
From: Stoke -on- trent
Favorite color: purple
Favorite animal: Arctic fox
Favorite movie: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Favorite food: cheese pie
Favorite drink: anything from Starbucks
Favorite comedian: chris addison
Favorite movie genre: hmmm i dont know
Favorite book genre: fantacy
Favorite book: lord of the rings, all of them

Top 10 favorite bands (ignore the numbers, i love them all)

1. My Chemical Romance
2. The killers
3. twin atlantic
4. the blackout
5. Panic! at the Disco
6. The smiths
7. Jimmy Eat World
8. The Beatles
9. chamelion circuit
10. freeze the atlantic

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song for the butterfly project

i wrote this song for the butterfly project and if you could all help me get it to 1000 views that would be amazing.

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song for the butterfly project

i wrote this song for the butterfly project and if you could all help me get it to 1000 views that would be amazing.

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im a staple gun whether that makes sense or not

Add up your total score and post a status like this: “I’m a (Write your answer here)”

[x] – You like cheese.
[x] – You hate peanuts.
[x] – You agree that this quiz is random.
[x] – You have farted today.
[x] – You have choked on something.
[x] – You are a writer.
[] – You smoke.
[x] – You like to swim.
[ ] – You have farted more than once today.
[x] – You like ice cream.

[x] – You have lied more than 10 times.
[ ] – You are an only child.
[ ] – You have more than 3 pets.
[ ] – You prefer water to other drinks.
[ ] – You are an alcoholic.
[x] – You are under 20 years old.
[] – You are over 25 years old.
[] – You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[x] – You like Jewelry
[x] – Your favorite music genre is rock.

[ ] – You weigh more than 140 lbs.
[x] – You like pirates.
[x] – You are a fangirl/fanboy of something.
[x] – You take a prescription drug every day.
[x] – You have a job.
[x] – You live with your parents.

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i just found this from ages ago

We sat in the sound studio just playing with different sounds for hours. Ha we were supposed to be writing a song about summer. Schools idea of fun; wonder week. More like wonder why your still at school week.

“Hey hows about this?” said harmony taking jacks base, he looked halfway between shock and fear; he never lets people touch his “baby” but me and harmony ignore him.
Harmy played a really cool base line on it and handed it back.
“cool sounds good” I said playing a riff on the guitar that went with it.

“kay guys can we go through doomsday again cause im still not getting what to do for this bit” said kane from the corner.

“yup whatever we got hours before they let us out” I said.

We started playing we were really getting into it.
“they say the noose gets tighter as you close your eyes, you hear the fatcats laughter on the inside lies” sang harmy.