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I think I might just have the worst luck in the world....
I'll start from the beginning. We had this sidewalk art thing that our school does in October for Halloween. Me and my best friend got plus my ___ and another dude were in a group together. We won and now we get to eat at a restaurant...Exciting! The only problem with that the girl that was my friend at the time hates my guts now and I am self conscious about eating in front of people that I ___ and on top of that the other guy is fudging annoying and rude.....
I have no idea what to do!!!!!

What's Wrong With the World?!

Honestly, I don't understand why people don't like real art or music.... how in the world can people listen to music about sex, strippers, whores, etc. and abusing women instead of music that actually talks about things that matter??? People ask me why I separate music like I do. I will explain why real music and just 'music' is different.... real music has a nice strong beat AND lyrics that MEAN SOMETHING AND MAKE SENSE. Regular 'music' talks about sex and sometimes you can't even understand what's being said.


Here is a free style poem....enjoy!

I love how the sky
can be many different colors.
I gaze up and see
the ending of a sunset
the sky is blue
and orange.
Its breathtaking.
I switch to the moon
its big and bright
almost as if
i could touch it.
It's a lovely yellow-gold,
kinda like a coffee stain.
Jupiter is huddled close,
but in the top left
There are no words
to describe
how wonderful
this view
really is...


Thanks for reading....hope you like it! Tell me what you think!!!


So, as you can see (from the title) this is about poetry.... DON'T stop reading yet lol!!!! I write poetry alot and I figured why not just share it with everyone on the face of the planet.... so here goes.... tell me what you think..... (today I share a Haiku)

Cotton Candy Clouds
Float across the Atmosphere
Begging to follow

~ Snow~

Thanks for reading.....honestly you don't know how much that means!
;3 :P :D


I have only done two blog posts in my life. On Facebook..... you know that place everyone gets on to NOT give a crap about what anyone has to say? Yea... that place... well anyways i might do one of these everyday except weekends...because i don't have a computer..... anyways ...... I hate school and the only good thing, I think, that comes out of it is..... getting away from home? Yea... well, I'm sleepy.... is there anyone else that would like coffee except for me?

~ Snow