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OK so I like these kind of things :)

1. I love... MCR :)
2. Right now I want... to get something to eat cause I'm hungry!
3. I feel like... I have a headache
4. I hate it when... I get a headache :)
5. I fear... death
6. I'm lonely without... my family, friends, boyfriend, right now
7. I need... nothing
8. Today I... almost have the day of, start working at 19:00 and work for 3 hours ;)
9. Tomorrow.. the same as above!
10. I just... wanna hear the new album already ;)
11. I want to meet... Mikey, he's the only one in the band I havent met
12. I'm hungry for... food, duh..
13. I love it when... I hear a new song I like
14. I'm

I wish I could find words...

My interest in music is no secret to those who know me and concerts is something I have filled all my life with. I have tried to stay inspired and happy as often as I can. Today is one of those days you can't do that.

I have waited to write a blog here because I wanted it to be good and long and just talking about how much MCR means to me. Maybe I'll do that or maybe I will just write about being inside a black hole somedays. It does sound strange but I will not drop that line that everyone does just cause it's cliche. I will not.

But before I started listening to them I had been constantly