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Long Ago........ now it's time again.

Wow so much has happened since I last wrote here... I saw the band 4 times last tour. That was 2010/2011. England (first Danger Days show), Holland, Sweden and Finland. The Finnish gig was the best though :)

I quit updating that page cause of lack of time and getting tired of the lack of interest from the record company and an argument with another fan running a different site. She knows who she is, I don't want to mention her here anymore.
For me MCR-music, music in general, should be about freedom in putting on the stereo and not caring how many fans watching updates and doing

MCR Army . SE

I updated this today with a huge post. I feel so proud!

Christmas Time!

This must seriously be one of the best Christmas times yet. Mostly cause my boyfriend was with me on Christmas Eve but also cause of all the fun we had. I love my parents and sisters and their kids til the day I die.

It was so cozy just sitting and watching Donald Duck at 15:00 as always. Eating the best Christmas supper yet and preparing for it. I did smoked salmon with salad and horseradish tucked in tunnbröd (our version of flat bread) with a tooth pick in them. They were great! Mom's janssons frestelse (for those of you that don't know what that is:

Tickets for Stockhom

I have now bought the tickets for the concert in Stockholm!!
I am so glad to finally see them here again.
All the snow must be gone by then! I get so sick of it already. It's not suppose to be this much and so cold as it is right here.

I'm gonna go buy some more Christmas presents now!

See ya MCRmy!! And MCR for that matter! Two and a half months 'til the show in Holland!!

Just bought my ticket for the show in Tilburg :)

Yay!!! Now I'm one step closer to Holland for the first time in my life lol!
This is gonna be awesome :) Such a small arena too. Anyone else going?

MCR is coming to my home country Sweden <3

Anyone else but me going??
I have updated my daily news here too!

Swedish Killjoys will rock your world!

Europe next time is when?

So anyone know the next time MCR will be back in Europe??
I am dying to find out! Have heard from some sources it will be before the American Tour but I think not. There is a contest going on on the Danish Fanpage on Facebook about a trip to the UK to see them live but when I asked the guy he wouldn't say when it is...
I wanna know now!! Someone said on a forum there would be a release of tour dates today but I haven't yet seen them :)

I want them to come to Sweden and Finland so bad. :D

A message

Just a beautiful thing I found last summer in Stockholm, Sweden.

Friend Request I can't accept!!!

Hey, do anyone else have the same problem. I can't accept a pending friend request I have. When will this be fixed?


MCR Army . SE

I've been busy working on , the Swedish official site for the band. It's been so much fun! We have a contest now going on that you can put up posters and win the album. So it's great! I'm working on collecting pictures to expand the gallery now.

London was amazing! I loved the concert a lot! Gerard was really great with the crowd and the rest of the band played amazing and had a lot of energy! The queuing was fun too. Met a lot of new ppl and nice fans! Got a lot of merch too but the hoodie was out :/ Best show I've been to? No nothing bets Sthlm 2006!

The pic of the band