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Gerard iconic singer of 21st century :D

cnt say how happy i am today to see that Gerard was given the aknowlagement he truley deserves him being voted number 3 of the most iconic rockstars of the 21st century was awsome :) very proud of you Gerard its u and My Chem that keep my heart beating love you MCR :) xo

twins!!!! :D:D

Congratulations Frank and Jamia!!! on the news of you having twins so happy for you both stay safe xo

happy 3rd anniversary !!!

a big huge happy third anniversary to Mikey and Alicia Way i cnt belive i actually did forget with all the sad news of Bob leaving it went completely out of my head like most the things i was ment to remember :( xo

dnt know what to think or say

To know that Mr Bob Bryar is not in My Chemical Romance anymore is a thought i never wanted to think about until today this week hasnt been the best hearing bad news after bad news and then to top it all off i hear that bob has left i have no idea what to think i do wish him the best of luck in what ever he does in the future, but to know that someone is taking his place and that it wont be him doing the beat of the drums down my ears anymore hits me very hard..i know it sounds alot like he has done more than left but in a way it feels like missing an arm or a leg even with a plastic one it

yay its finally open to the public im well impressed with this me lol :D:D xo