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heart broken

i could go over everything i have said and everything that im feeling right now, but im lost for words lost for how to sum it up into just one word, i cant express how sad and upset i am that your no longer together i cant express how mad i am that your no longer together cause it hurts enough to know that your not gonna post up a blog and say "the site was hacked where sorry were still together soorry it took us so long to post up a blog", thats what i want to happen i want this to all be a huge LIE and i wont even mind either cause i know that i still have you, and i will know that i was

7 years today

i know its not something that we really talk about anymore as there is more to the man that is Gerard Way but all in all im still to the day so proud of all the achivements this man has done including this one so congratulations Mr Gerard Way love you so much ur amazing!!!! xo

help a killjoy out?

hiya fellow killjoys

im gonna ask a really random question but my friend is looking for a postal address she can use to send Chad Gilbert of NFG a letter she has wrote him now i know last time i asked for a postal address you all got back to me really quick so when she came and asked me for help you killjoys where my first thought

if you could help me out i would be so thankful :D


can a fellow killjoy help me out???

i was woundering if someone would help me out, my friend does alot of art work and she wants to send some of her mcr art work to them and i know Jeff posted up an email a while back on how to send them to MCR i was curious if anyone might know it, i cant find the address any where can anyone help me out


birthday dude!!!!!!!!

HAPPPPPYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY Mikey Way, have an awsome one dude!!!!! love you!!! <3 xo

6 years today!!!!

congratulations Gerard soooo proud of you!!!! u prove to soo many people that it can be done love you!!!! i did have a picture of the sign i have done for you but my computer seems to be playing up sorry :( xo

Bob Bryar come back!!! group on facebook

i dont know if this will actually work but ive made a group of facebook to try and oo i dont know hopefully get bob back i know the news of him leaving has passed but the thought of my chem coming back without bob is still not a nice thought and if i am onest i dont actually think if the facebook group will work but i am at least hoping if enough members join we may finally find out why he left, i know all of us including me wish bob the best of luck in what ever carear move he is doing but im sure that question "why" is still runing around a few of your heads so im hoping we might finally


Happy Birthday Ray hope you have an awsome one dude you seriously deserve it :)

love always

:D:D xo

weridest dream so far ive had involving my chem

omg its been playing on my mind all day and every time i think about it i get more mad at myself for not staying asleep long enough to figure it out but i had a dream that i randomley went on this site and found bob's name had been re added to the site and everything and anything that involved him had been put back up, yet for some silly reason thier wasn't any blog or news bullten if u will to say what was going on, and if im onest its still annoying me now that i cnt figure it out, that i cnt solve why it wasn't put up why his name had been re added keeping in mind i was over the moon to