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Oh Love

I was watching the Oh Love video and Billie Joe said there was a PG and R rated versions. The R-rated version scarred me.

Yay, today is finally here. Basketball game in one hour 26 minutes. We've won every game against this team so I think we gonna win this one too. Then I get to spend the rest of my day in a comic book shop because there's one on my block and I'm there all the time. Then my aunt's coming over so I just get to watch concerts. So . . . relatively good day I hope.

~Cyanide Cola

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Today wasn't great but my friend Jae was back from his latest tournament so that was nice. I've officially lost my ex-friend Fiona. It reached over one hundred here today so my school gets out at three and at two my teacher just let us go hang out outside so me, Cassidy, Megan, Elyse, Jae, and Matt got into this really crazy game of volleyball and one of the nuns almost got hit and then we got yelled at by my homeroom teacher. Overall not too bad but the actually learning stuff part was crap.

Thank you to Sidtastic007 for the Killjoy symbol.

Tomorrow: basketball, free comics, DVD concerts. Our team made the regionals for sure now so we have to win our game tomorrow to even have a chance at going to state. So we do have a chance at state but we probably won't because we have about a month of regionals first. Training like hell.

Sunday: I get to see my horse again! I know it probably sounds weird but I'm hyper-excited!

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I am literally counting down the days until Saturday

1) Free Comic Book Day!! Which means I get to preview the Killjoys comics. And maybe Umbrella Academy if they have it.
2) The basketball games that says whether or not my team goes to regionals, and if we do get that far, it says who we're going to have to play. Right now we're going to be up against Saint Thomas Moore, who was the first placed and undefeated team up until last weekend, when our team beat them and got our spot in the elimination. But now my team is training like crazy for hours every day, because we're the first team my school has that has gone this far. It's all the popular girls and a fifth grader who somehow made the team, but oh well.

So . . . psyched for Saturday! And my aunt's going to come over Saturday night and she lets me watch concerts. I can literally sing along to every word of The Black Parade Is Dead! now. So comics, basketball, and Chem. Yay.

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Man, I Really Suck At Thinking Of Titles.

Not the best day, but not totally horrid, either.

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ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just typed this whole long damned thing about school and homework and overall life and it was easily a page so I hit the preview button and it said server error so I hit that back button and it deleted the whole damned thing!

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My Story

Thank you people that replied and said they'd read it, so yes I'll put it up and comment if you want me to message you the chapters.

Today was really bad. First one of my friends isn't there, and my other friend told me that I was totally lost without him. And it's always really awkward when it's just me and him because we're not going out or anything but we're really close and people always say that we're together. Now I'm in danger of failing English and might have to do summer school and then I failed my math test. And now I have an orthodontist appointment. Overall it was just a really shitty day.

~Cyanide Cola

Oh, and my real name is Claire. I just realized I never said that.

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Just A Thought . . .

So I write a little and I was wondering about putting a story up on here? Not a Chem fanfiction but just something that I've been working on for a while. So if I do put it up, would you guys give me feedback? Just wondering if you all think it's worth it.

~Cyanide Cola

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Killjoy ID

Killjoy name: Cyanide Cola
Since: 2012
First song: Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Favorite song: IDK. It changes a lot
Killjoy song: Planetary (GO!) or The Kids From Yesterday
Killjoy phrase: "So remember, even though you're gone, out here in the desert your shadow lives on without you."
Colours: Black, that dark red color, and dark purple. (Yes I'm Goth.)

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I Guess I'm Too Late

So I guess I signed up too late because this is my first post. Some stuff about me: I play guitar in a band which is called the Broken Guitar Strings. I kid you not. I’ve been listening to MCR for 10 months now. I like Green Day, Blink-182, The Killers, Queen, Nirvana, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Evanescence and way too many more for me to say on here. Yeah, I’m afraid that I’m really bad at this, so if I am, sorry. I’m 11 and I’m not really all that popular at school, but I have 2 friends. Seriously.

And so I'm sorry if this is really bad because I'm a bad writer and . . . yeah. Sorry.