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"You're Unbelievable Oh, So Unbelievable Oh You Ruin Everything."

Yesterday two of the girls in my class who I'm pretty good friends with were talking about how much they hated My Chemical Romance. And I didn't realise until then how much I really love My Chemical Romance. What they were saying was horrible, it would be bad for them to say it about anyone, but I just.... I don't know. They were talking about how all this mainstream pop is sooooo much better. "Yeah it's all autotuned, but the [the singers] have real natural talent!" do they know what autotune means...? Ugh it just annoys me....

"I'm so dirty babe!"

"The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes."
So yesterday I had what could be described as a mental breakdown of sorts. I don't know why, there's nothing wrong with me ususally, I've never had any issues and my life is pretty good right now. But I was sitting there, playing my guitar, when I suddenly felt so insanely... dirty. It wasn't so bad to begin with but it just got worse and worse. I remembered hearing that when on tour, Frank used to shower because it made him feel human again.

Milky Ways

So today I made my poor mother go to the shop to buy me some Milky Ways just because they remind me on Mikey. I honestly don't know. I think I'm insane. Anyway, apparently they don't sell full-size Milky Way's at that shop and there were only two mini's left so it was a pretty sad day.

"Will They Give Me The Chair Or Lethal Injection A Swing From A Rope If You Dare!"

So today was all set and ready for being a terrible day. I had Music which isn't too bad, although I tend to get left alone a lot because I'm the only one out of my small 'group' that plays keyboard. English, in which we are reading Macbeth and I sit next to the only girl in my class I don't like. I had French next but there was a small detour called 'Annual School Injections' that are mandatory. I don't mind injections, in fact I find them strangely relaxing, but everyone got so worked up over them.

Random Thoughts

You know that feeling when you've sent someone 5 emails and it says they were online earlier but you still haven't gotten any replies? I know that feeling all too well >.< xD

"You're a Heart Attack in Black Hair Dye"

I dyed my hair black today, not for any particular reason just because I felt like it. It's not the first time I've done it but it had faded to a light brown so this is quite a big difference. Midterm is over! Back to school tomorrow :/ after putting on my fake nails I bought over the holiday I realised that I have P.E. tomorrow and we're playing basketball so.. FML. Considering whether or not I should just pull them off and put them back on after school tomorrow. I guess it depends on how easy they come off. Listening to Coldplay which is drastically slow compared to my normal music.

Spa Time..

So my dad's at a business conference and me and my mum came along to the hotel. There's a free spa here and of course I was forced to go to it. I'm not ungrateful and I'm not saying it wasn't a great experience, but I'm 14 and I just don't think I was suited to it. Of course, you had to be at least 14 to actually get in so I was the youngest one there. The whirlpool was tolerable. The sauna made me dizzy, the pool gave me a headache and then the steam room made me faint... so I'm lying in bed with a splitting headache. I don't think I'll be doing this ever again.

Bored so... yeah :)

I didn't create this, you can find it on the internet at any time :D
Put your iPod on shuffle to see the music for your life story. (all of these are by My Chemical Romance because I was using my playlist)
Opening Credits: Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid
Waking Up: Welcome to the Black Parade (this explains a lot..)
Going to work: Look Alive, Sunshine
Meeting someone new: The End
Falling In Love: Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Fight Song: DESTROYA (Oh God...)
Breaking Up: The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
Life’s OK: This Is How I Disappear
Getting Back Together: Demolition Lovers (awwww!)


So today in History, my teacher brought in items from the first world war, originals. The guns were empty of bullets, but I have had a strong fear of guns ever since my dad got one aimed at his face a few summers ago. As the gun was passed around the class people were pulling the trigger, causing it to click, and every time it clicked the song "Teenagers" came to mind. Oh my. It was quite terrifying.


You know how everyone has that one talent in life? I'm still trying to figure out mine. My mum doesn't believe that everyone has a talent, she thinks some people are just better people than others. That kind of annoys me, because if she thinks that way then I must look pretty untalented in her eyes. It's all very easy for her to say, I'm pretty much the only one in the family without a special talent. My mum and dad are really funny, my oldest brother is an amazing guitar player and my other brother is really good at sports, and then there's me.