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30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 14

Favourite picture of Gerard Way.

This one. I just think it's so cute :3 you can tell how truly happy they both are :)

Oh my..

I have 4 30 days of my chemical romance posts to do, because of my stupid internet and other such things, like going to church. Even though I'm athiest. Don't ask. Anyway, better get to work, right!? :D

P.S. If you forget to put a title for a blog and then enter it after the error comes up, the letters are red. Obviously not once it's been published, but just for typing it. Cool stuff.

I'm sorry. I get amused easily.

Sometimes I Hate The Internet..

I was going to do my 30 days of MCR this morning, but I have like 10 minutes and my internet has decided to only work with this website and Facebook... and extremely slowly, at that.

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 13

Favourite My Chemical Romance Youtube video.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this video.. :P you need to watch it to understand... it's hilarious.

"Stand up fucking tall."

I think I'm going insane. Either that, or my best friend is. All I can say is we're BEST friends. We are as close as best friends can get. Or at least, we WERE as close as best friends could get. Okay we were talking all day Sunday, then I had to go to sleep. So I went to bed, woke up in the morning, I had a message from her as usual, so I replied and then went to school. When I got home from school there was no message waiting from her, which is extremely unusual.

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 12

Favourite music video.

I forgot to do this one yesterday. I didn't have enough time in the morning and then I fell asleep at 7pm so I haven't done anything that I was supposed to do. Like homework. Oh God. Anyway, my favourite music video is definitely Sing, because although I know it's fake it's still really sad to watch for someone who's basically grown up loving these people and watching all of them die. And it's that emotion that makes me love it so much!

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 11

Favourite part of Life on the Murder Scene

Easily Gerard's dance while he's singing Cars and Calories. xD

I almost forgot to do this, lazy Sunday! But it's not even 11pm yet so it's still the 11th and everything is good :) hahaha

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 10

Something you love about Ray Toro.

How happy he seems to be when he meets fans. And the fact that he seems to always be there for the other members of the band when they need it. I mean, I haven't met him or anything, but from what I can tell from Youtube videos and other such things, he's the one in the band that's always happy and never gets annoyed, even when he has every right to be pretty pissed off.

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 9

Something you love about Mikey Way.

The way he acts. He seems quite shy when he's being interviewed, but the things he does say mean a lot. This is kind of hard to explain... out of the whole band, Mikey is the one that reminds me the most of myself. Kind of shy, but not afraid to show the world who I am as long as I'm within my comfort zone. And I don't know why, but for some reason Mikey has a really innocent look in my eyes, he may have done bad things (I'm not saying he has, I'm saying I don't know if he has or not) but he just seems so innocent.

30 Days of My Chemical Romance - Day 8

Something you love about Frank Iero.

His tattoos! I absolutely love them. Like so many other answers to this 30 days thing, I really don't have any way to justify my answer. I just do. xD I just feel that the tattoos say something about him, add to his personality I guess? Ugh I don't know. They're just awesome.