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Awkwardness at Taco Bell

When you live in a small hick town like I do, you tend to run into incestuous assholes everywhere you go. Tonight I went to Taco Bell with my mother and my sister at "Datingmyowncousinville". I walk up the stairs and I see the biggest asshole that I have ever met at my high school in uniform named Adrian. Let me shed some light at how much of an asshole this guy is: ever since I started high school, he has made sure to insult me in some shape or form. He has embarrassed me in every class I have ever had with him. Once I tried to walk past him in the hall, but he was in my way.

Friendship: Terminated

I finally ended a friendship that I've wanted to be over for a while now. I'm glad that I don't have to deal with her bullshit, but the drama isn't over yet. Since we're living in college dorms together, I still need to move out. My adviser is having a meeting to see who's moving in my place and to have all the arrangements taken care of. She is so dramatic though. I'm being civil about this, and she's crying, making big scenes so people will feel sorry for her, and trying to win people over. People keep asking me why I'm switching roommates, and I just tell them that it wasn't working out.

Poisonous Love Triangle (sorry its long, but I kinda need advice)

I have this friend, and to tell you the truth, our friendship is slowly going down the drain. Why? Because we both have an interest for a guy named Jesse. She had a crush on him first, and naturally I told her to go for it because she doesn't have anything to lose. When she told him her feelings, he told her he only liked her as a friend. Months go by and she still has a thing for him. By some twist of fate, fifteen students (including me, my friend, and Jesse) go on this trip to explore colleges. We traveled by plane, and I sat by Jesse for three hours.

Kony 2012: Real or Fake?

Most of you have heard about the "Kony 2012" video by now. I just heard about it this morning and watched it five minutes ago. I have known there were problems in Africa like war, child soldiers, etc but what I didn't know was that the source of it all hasn't been stopped or arrested... supposedly. The video now has over 55 million views and out of the 55 million, there are doubters and saying the video is fake and nothing is going on. The video looks convincing, but there's thousands of comments on the video that it's a scam and Invisible Children is a scam organization as well.