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Fearless Vampire Killers in Bristol Town

So I saw 3 bands Monday night. 3 very awesome bands.
1) Beyond Recall. Recently promoted by Bryan Stars and a band you need to check out for the electronic/heavy sort of thing...yeah I'm not good at describing music...But a very energetic first band you got people moving instantly - especially with their covers of Micheal Jackson and Apple Bottom Jeans!
2) Ashestoangels. I love this band so much. However, the first song they played, which goes by the name of How To Tell The Truth, is a song I should never ever ever listen to because it just makes me cry and cry and cry. But I managed to recover for most of the rest of the set (excluding one of their new songs and Chases). But they are so awesome live. It was just energy and more energy and wowness.

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Funerals and stuff

I had to work a wake today which reminded me of the last wake I went to where I hid under the food table until everyone left. I find it hard to talk about my feelings. I usually just sing along to songs that echo my feelings.
So I've been thinking about death quite a lot lately. It sucks.
So I wanted to post these lyrics because they mean a lot to me right now and I don't really have a reason.

The Funeral Song

We only come home for funeral songs
It tears right through me
You're never alone, you're never alone
It's what they told me
It's you and me, and I believe

She counts the days until she's whole again
You should know that you'll never be alone again
We make mistakes until we finally get it right
She's coming home tonight.

"I'm finished here, I'm giving up," she said
"No words can fix the holes in my head
Beyond repair, I'd only fall apart
Stitch my body but you cannot fix my heart."
It's you and me, and I believe.

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MCR, Ashes and Control

MCR. I'm not that excited for their greatest hits album. I mean, I've got all their CDs & DVDs so the only attraction for me is Fake Your Death, which I can listen to on youtube. So I am excited to hear that track but not for the actual album. I really wish they were still a touring band though, I don't have the excitement for them that I used to, maybe because I've listened to everything of their's a thousand times and need more to keep my interest peaked. I don't know. I don't think I'll ever stop loving them though.

Ashestoangels. This band. I can't wait to see them on Saturday. Listen to their music, jump up and down and meet the nicest guys around. That band. They make me smile a lot.

William Control. He's bringing out a new album soon and I am so excited. I seriously love his music so much. I can't wait for his next tour as well. I really hope if he comes to the UK, he brings New Year's Day with him because they are also fantastic.

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Please read. Please. I'll try not to babble.

There's this band. Ashestoangels. Now this band is one of the best bands ever and I really want you to listen to them. Please. Just bookmark this link if you can't listen to them now, but please.

Now this is where I'll babble because I want to tell you why this band is amazing.

1) The music. I think it is absolutely fantastic. It's not perfect but there is passion there and it just speaks to me and gives me hope.

2) The gigs. Seriously, I love every gig of theirs I go to because I jump up and down and shout at the top of my lungs and feel like I'm part of something. Ashes gigs make me feel like I'm alive and like i'm home.

3) The band. Crilly (the lead singer) is the best man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He manages to cheer me up and he gives the best hugs. The other 3 guys are fantastic as well and all pf them seem to genuinely care about their fans.

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No concentration

I can't read big bulks of text right now. I just can't concentrate on them. Which isn't a good sign, but I'm just going to blame the essay I did yesterday which took about 8 hours. It's kind of ironic that I babble-write a lot when I can't concentrate...I'll try not to do that today.

But yeah, the essay I wrote, top marks! I got a Distinction which is basically equivalent to an A. I'm so proud. For part of the essay, I wrote about The Daily Mail creating a panic over 'emo', and mentioned MCR. And then for another part I wrote about hate crime and included the wise words of Kier Kemp (Fearless Vampire Killers -LISTEN TO THEM!!!) who spoke about hate crime and Sophie Lancaster on the Channel 4 news. So yeah, it was a really interesting subject and I'm really proud of my work which has made me really happy. Especially as I did it the day before it was due.

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Let me tell you about a band. A punk rock band. A band reminiscent of a revenge-era MCR but punker. Oh yeah, and they're breaking up, but they're still a freaking awesome band.
Aiden. So wonderful. I listen to each album and each one is my favourite.

Our Gang's Dark Oath - The first one. Raw. Passionate. In your face.
Nightmare Anatomy - Harsh. Strong. Emotive. Incredible.
Conviction - Different. Wonderful. Hits.
Rain In Hell (EP/DVD) - This has two great covers and some really album worthy songs.
Knives - Oh. My. This album was the first I connected with because it has some smashing singles.
From Hell With Love (Live CD/DVD) - It has acoustics as well. They're good. Very good.
Disguises - They came back still strong. I really enjoy this.
Some Kind Of Hate - This was done quickly, but is still captivating and has great songs.

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We need to kind this Killjoy. She's been missing for a long time and we just need to make sure she's OK! Spread the word - Facebook, twitter, tumblr, anything.

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This prehumous letter

*It's like you want me to fail.*
I'm so mentally and physically drained all the time. I seem to be doing something with every hour. College, family, work. I have to go to college 3 days a week, but I'm ill and it's so hard to concentrate, yet I can't stay home because I have to have high attendance to pass the course, plus I have a 'long-term illness' (it's depression) that the college know about and I should be 'managing it' so it's not a reasonable excuse. I have to spend time with my immediate family everyday. We eat dinner together. Fine. But sometimes I don't want to watch TV. I want to hole up in my room and read or listen to music. But no, I do that too often. Watching TV will help me unwind just as well. I have to see my grandparents once a week as well, if I don't, I feel guilty, and when I do, I'm not good company because I'm completely drained and exhausted. Work, well I can't turn that down, it's my only source of income for gig tickets, CDs, etc that make me happy.

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William Control

Never. That picture doesn't make sense to me.

So I went to London (from Bristol) to see William Control. It was one of the best gigs of my life. I got a bit lost getting to the venue but uh, let's gloss over that part...
So. First on: Venus Defensive. They're a great female-fronted punk trio. I would definitely see them again. The lead singer/bassist seems very kick-ass!

Second: Into The Ether. Any band that dresses up as Halloween Alice In Wonderland characters are fab in my books. They're an electronic quartet, not the greatest, but still worth checking out

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My best friend is missing

Her dad messaged me asking me if she was with me.
I haven't heard from her since yesterday morning.
I'm so worried.
I really hope she's ok.