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Thank You, for everything.

I just wanted to post this to say "Thank You for everything."
I know a lot of people out there are really upset about you guys breaking up, but, I'm not. I'm happy for you. I'm happy you get to start a new chapter of your life with your families, your other dream projects, and whatever else you guys hope to do in the future.
I want to Thank you for all the amazing music you gave us, all the laughs and heartfelt words you shared. It feels like the end, but, I feel it's a new beginning for the MCRmy.

Is it just me or....

Is it just me or do 'The World Is Ugly' and 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You' end with the same thing? Is MCR coming around full circle?
Is my hearing bad, or is it the same thing?


So, Apparently I created this account in 2010....
I don't remember ever having it, but, here I am!
I'm so new to this, gah!
I'm Bee!
I'm 17 and a senior in High School.
Music is my life.
Photography is my soul.
I absolutely absolutely love the smell of fresh coffee, and the sound of an acoustic guitar.
I'm a vegetarian.
My guitar's name is Salsa.
My guitar is more of a piece of art rather than an insturment.
I just got accepted to Pittsburgh Technical Institute.
I like My Chemical Romance...Derp.
I have a filming thing with my best friends called the New York Killjoys, and we are