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day two of a pyromaniac's odd diet.

odd diet :
replace the milk on your cereal with tip top. drink only full caffeine-ated espressos. occasionally have cheese. repeat. live off this.

decided i'd take a bag of prawn crackers on expedition with me in may.. i can't eat prawn, but today i found out how much fun it is to light them on fire.. i'll have a box of matches on exp.

oh, sweet times.


i'm a fucking genius. i seriously should go into IT.. but i doubt i will.
i managed to fix up one of them old Windows 2000 professionals.. it now works almost like an XP and has this shizzle stick that makes it wireless. i'mma store all my crap on this one.. if it doesn't collapse the router.. i will now purposely overload the router as i am doing tonight.. pretty to break things just so i can fix them, i guess.
Ipods. Laptop. Computers. Xbox..
jeez, if anyone's reading this with an xbox 360, add : zombieTEAPOT i just made it.. no live gold yet, sorry.. i'm working on it.

Picking the pencil back up.. and thanking for something to draw

I turned back to my old slave-to-the-pencil ways..
So here it is, the one i knicked, amazing ideas from the guys, stolen.
over and out.

what the fuck?