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Basey's blog

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i hope this makes you smile.

bada boom! took it myself. ;)

anybody like SILENT HILL?

i do.
infact, i like it so much i draw it.. alot.

i'm out of hospital :D

bit of internal bleeding. nothing too big.
my arm cains from the IV and i'm sick as a dog but it'll be fucking fiiine :D

the first bout of crap.

when on my wanders i tend to waste too much money on..crap.
well, the shoes aren't crap, i actually wanted them with everything in me. but otherwise, here's a random selection of pieces of utter rubbish i've picked up around.
PS. this blog was a time waster.
i just buy this shit because it makes me feel awesome.

Another drawing i did :)

hey, drew this the other night,
the proportion is bad.. i may or may not have been slightly drunk.
cc? thanks :D
xyz, Basey

I drew Gerard (watermarked)

this was for the best friend ever, Jenny [Heartless Graffiti.]!/pages/JB-BASEY-Photography-Art/10150...

thank you very much
xyz, Basey


i take pictures. i draw. i plan on other things.

This is nothing.
xyz, basey.

Green Day. 70 something days..

70 something days until we go see Green Day..
i lost count :F
shitting my pants with excitemeeentnntntnt
i lub you jenny (HeartlessGraffiti.)
xyz. Baseey.

Dear MCR.

i have your eggs, bitches.
make it harder next year.
xyz. basey.

More drawings, but Bob Bryar ones.

he may be gone, but not too long ago i used him twice as a study in art class, stumbled upon then and thought i might aswell upload.

constructive criticism at all? thanks. :)

check it out if you will, i did a drawing of mother war at one point: