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It's hard to accept that my chemical romance is over I remember when I first heard them on the radio I know that they were the band for chemical romance got me through middle school as through high school.rocking out screaming out the words to the top of my lungs from word to not give up on life or calling it quits!!!! Heartbroken is the word.good must come to the end I respect their wishes and I fully understand I'm not upset or angry with them I still will love them always and forever their music I will always listen could I forget about the band that saved my life.i

vote for mcr

i will always vote for me number one bvand of all time i love them


im gonna see parnormal activity 3

Happy brithday

I just wanna say that i hope you gerard wayhave the most fun brithday of your life so happy early 34 brithday!!!!!!!! remember to have alot of fun and keep rocking on killjoy your wisconsin fan porshia wilderness

just dropping in killjoys

well i cant' wait until christmas well iam bored did anyone see my chemical romance on the video game awards i was so freaking tried but i made it just to see them.well so long for now killjoys.

i have it

hi everyone i just got the new cd its so awsome!!!!!!!!!

something new

it took long enough for my chemical romance to bring something back us us.i cant' wait until the the cd hits the stores im so gonna be the first in line im gonna sleep in my car so i can be the first to get it.they look hot now i hope that they sty just like that!!!! lets hope that they keep the cds coming dont' let it be another 4 years before there is another cd that comes out.listening to them right now while im wrting.well i gotta go i will writ soon so long my chemical romance junkies.