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Stage Collape at Indiana State Fair

So while MCR wasnt there at the Indiana State Fair instead Sugarland was when the stage collapsed killing now 7 people and injuring 45 at the Indiana State Fair. SCARIEST thing I have ever seen and will never forget. I am killjoy though so I planned to stand up front when they come to indiana next month!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP those who lost their lives at the Indiana State Fair Tragedy


So I have been up for 48hrs and the whole time I have been watching MCR video's on youtube and listening to my Danger Days cd. I cant sleep and I had a doctor's appointment but at least I have MCR music to comfort me.

Honda Civic Tour

OMG!!!!!!!! So My Chemical Romance is going to be playing lin Noblesville, Indiana on September 10 as part of the Honda Civic Tour and I sooooooooooo want to go sooooooo bad but I don't know if I can since I might be in the hospital it sucks sooooooo bad i want to cry. I reallly hope I get to go cause it would be my first time seeing them in concert and i want to go sooo badly it would be a lot of fun to go and i love their music.

New Killjoy

Hey Killjoys,
Im new here. I had a friend who got me into their music and now I cant stop listening to their music. Whenever I have to go to hospital I take my MCR cd's and my cd player so I can listen to their music. My favorite songs are Teenagers, Summertime, Dead, Na na na, and many others. I love their music its so gooooooooodddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!