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Well guys, I can't believe that. Last night was so hard, like a nightmare...
I want to say thank you guys, for make me believe, for make me stronger.
Through this years, 12 you as a band, 9 me as a fan... I've been in many troubles but, I always kept strong and fearless.
I'm trying to explain you how you've changed my life, you mean much to me, YOU'VE SAVED MY LIFE.
Many times I felt stupid, alone and rejected by society, without true friends but you always was here and told me "Keep running" now I am not afraid to keep living.
I love these feeligns listening you music, is like a rainbow in middle of a storm.
Thank you for everything. Maybe I could be in a coffin, I mean dead... without you. But you happened to me, and I will never forget you. Ever.
I'm so proud of you, you are a successful men.
I'll love you until te end, I'd like to make you understand how much you mean.
12 years as a band... but since now, born a legend.

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oye lee esto
yo lo escribi
se supone ke lo narra Gerard
esta loco y se convierte en asesino
el ingles no es muy bueno
le faltan correcciones



I am in a World where just I am. If I fall down, if I could drown her again…
. She not deserve me, for this, she´s there, in a black coffin and in a few minutes she will be under earth and she can´t find way back
I burned all photographs, I couldn’t see again this eyes afraid, and even so was still there, looking at her, following in his footsteps.
It was when I lost myself in my own pool of tears, for wanted talk with this girl, Helena, the most popular of the school.
Finally, after staring at her friends, know their movements and to look at that boy, frank, her boyfriend, I knew it was time to act.

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I'm very sick!!!!! I'm sorry

well today is a important day
I wanted my dress for the Mcr' contest
but.... I get sick yesterday
all week I went downtown to buy fabrics and materials needed to make my dress
I asked my friends at school who were wearing black clothes today to help me make the black parade and take my picture
I felt very bad yesterday, I get sick too and I had everything ready for my photo today
I had 40 degrees of temperature
my mom saw that I was very sick and she told me to stay home and rest
today woke up late and my friends called me and told me all dressed in black just for me, for me to take my picture, they asked me because I did not go to school
I told them to get sick and I'm not going to halloween from Saalin, after other friends called me from another group and was told that all wore black. all the people I know from high school wore black for me and I feel very guilty because I did not go to school
I really wanted to take my picture because it was something very special for me, but my health is serious, maybe I have influenza
I hope my friends will forgive me, I really feel bad
my photo was going to be with my dress that I designed, was among the style of dress that Tracy Phillips use in the video for Helena, and a special touch that I gave the dress inspired by women's pictures Life on the Murder scene, with demolition lovers, a touch too bloody, but with scenarios accompanying The Black Parade
but no longer participate in the costume contest, the next blog with my photos will be taken, although the photos are after, but I have to recover, for I am sick still
well, go to sleep, my throat hurt

take care!

I love ypu!