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awkwardturtlekilljoy's blog

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I was voting and noticed it was going down ! It started at 44.86 then it went to 44.84

GRRR ! They dont get me . .

I was in my room moving some stuff so my mum made my sister help and I was playing MCR as loud as I could on my phone and my sister walks in telling me to turn that " Emo shit " off . She tried to tell me what to do in my own room then I got a call from one of my best friends and I was still listening to My Chem then he said that they are " Talentless emos " and that Gerard just screams into the mic . I of course told my sister and friend to shove it . And to make things worse , my other best friend is still depressed , she skipped school and got high . She wont listen to me when I say " DONT

Should I be scared ?

Well this guy I like was talking to my friend saying that I have big boobs . ( Random , I know ) I just started laughing when she told me . I think I should be scared ?

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Suprise suprise

I was tripped today . Totally unexpected ( Sarcasm ) ! And to make it worse , I accidentaly stood on the guys foot ( The one that tripped me ) and he called me fat , I guess I should be used to it by now . This happened on a daily basis for me at my old school .

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Whaat Zone am I in ?

Heyy Killjoys , Quick , rather stupid question , How do you know whaat zone your in ?

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Help !

Im really worried , one of my best friends is depressed / suicidal and today she told me she started cutting . I dont know how to snap her out of it . Please help me , before it gets worse

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Well I tried making Chocolate Coffee cake ( It sounds wired , I know ) and it turned out uncooked and tasted like plain popcorn ? Im normally a good baker but this time , I failed soo bad . Was I meant to put ALL the coffee in ? Next time , if there will be one , I think I will just make straight up Coffee Cake heheh .

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Exterminate pics

I have a question , How do I get those ' Exterminate ' photos ?

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Box set

I may sound slightly retarded but where do you get those box set thingys ? With the ray guns and stuff ?

Gees hair

Okay , so apparently Gee changed his hairstyle ? Whaat did he change it to ? Please tell me ? Heheh

Stay fabulous KillJoys ,
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