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The layouts different! :O
I reaaaallly want to know what the new albums about! They should do te Transmissions thing again :D
That's pretty much all I wanted to say :)

Rant ahead, read if you want.

So I have this friend and shes been acting really weird lately. Like a couple of weeks ago we had a sleepover at mine and she (Lets call her Y?) was fine but then another friend (Lets call him R) came over the next day and she went all weird?
We were out by my pond and then she walked off so me and R went to see what she was doing and she was just sitting on the lawn playing with my cat.


My school has speeches coming up soon! And I'm really bad at talking to crowds, I'm find if there's a group of us like at my old school I did Kapa Haka and I was fine but I can't talk by my self.
So what I'm asking is, if anyone has any ideas on how to get my shit together and get over it?


Okay so I need help with figuring out how to work the Transmissions :P
Any help?
Thanks :D


I know this has been said a million times before buuuuttt CONGRATS TO FRANK AND JAMIA!!
How they managed to not tell anyone for nine months is a mystery :P
Can't wait to see what they named him :D


Oh my ghost! So Gen and Jared Padalecki have a baby boy now! As of 2 days ago that is. My best friends Tumblr exploded with Padababy posts haha. So um yeah, I guess I'll see you killjoys later :D

Killjoys Never Die.

Dear Zonerunners: I’ve been reading a bit lately about how some of you feel that the night MCR plays the last show in their Australian tour is the night our fabulous danger days come to a close. Abandon the notion. What My Chemical Romance has created in their album is a world, a culture, and a movement that will last much longer than four hundred and forty-two days. For years to come, I promise you I will keep my boots tight, keep my gun close, and die with my mask on if I’ve got to. Turn the lights back on, because the party’s not over. I’m a Fabulous Killjoy, and Killjoys never die.


So I'm using audio thief right now and I just realized that it's not legal. Not that illegal downloading has worried me before, but it's the part where you get fined once your caught. Does anyone know if I'll get caught on this site?


R.I.P Carl

R.I.P Carl, my very special hedgehog :'(


Mikey and Ray were on Raw! Lucky duckys! They got to meet Chris Jericho and Ray got to meet Rey Mysterio. I'm rather jealous right now AND My Chems playing here 3 hours away from me on Friday and I can't go D: Pooooooooooopp! So you know, if your going to BDO this Friday in NZ and happen to be meeting the guys, tell them "Pania Tasker AKA Music Mayhem says HI! and I love you" :D

Okey dokey, I'm gonna get ice cream now, bye!