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awkwardturtlekilljoy's blog

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Upcoming tour..?

Go onto the tour page and see for yourselves.
It's probably just wishful thinking on my part but they could of changed it to not get our hopes up?


Hey! :)

Does anybody have any good fanfiction for me to read? I'm in the mood to read some and not much is getting posted

Thankyou My Chemical Romance

I just want to say a massive thankyou to My Chemical Romance.
They have done so much for us, and even though I could never repay them I just hope they know that i appreciate them.
I'm in tears right now and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now.
I dreamed of one day going to see them live, but that will never happen.

We will get through this, I'm sure of it.
We are Soldiers aren't we? We're Killjoys right? We are the MCRmy and that means we are a family.
I'm not giving up on this family and I hope others don't either.

Again, thankyou Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank.
From the bottom of my


Okay so I quit my job two weeks ago right? Becuase since I'm on a trial period I don't need to give 1 months notice, that's what it says on my contract "Notice Period (except on probationary or trial period): 1 month" so in my notice I wrote that my last day of employment would be Tuesday 19 February 2013 (tomorrow for me). But I don't work on Tuesday's anyway so this whole day I've been thinking that today was my last day. Bullshit. Apparently I still have to work until they find a replacement because they're so lazy that they only started seriously looking today, like wtf?

Twitter anyone?

Alrighty, anyone got Twitter?
My names PaniPoos :P
Follow me and I'll follow back :D

Confused.. Again

Okay so if you didn't see my last blog, it was just me asking about Conventional Weapons and it being available on CD.
I now have another question about Conventional Weapons, is this the new album that theyve been workin on? Because if it is, I thought that Conventional Weapons was just unreleased songs? I haven't really worded this blog properly and make not much sense, but if you happen to figure what I'm trying to get at, a little help would be nice :)

Slightly confused?

Okay so you all know about Conventional Weapons, right? If you haven't, then wow. Anyways, so I was wondering if it will come out as a cd and not just vinyl or on iTunes.
Any help?

Killjoy comic?!

Do my eyes deceive me?! I was on Facebook and stumbled upon a picture from an MCR fan group about the comic coming out soon?
Is this true?! Is the comic really about to come?!

So, um yeah..

So um I just wanted to say R.I.P to all the people that committed suicide in my hometown this year.
So far it's seven, there was two this week. Unfortunately I knew some of them.
R.I.P Jessica, Sam, Tiana, Gabby, Ceri and all the others that I don't know.
Hopefully all this stops soon.


The layouts different! :O
I reaaaallly want to know what the new albums about! They should do te Transmissions thing again :D
That's pretty much all I wanted to say :)