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Back again :/

I'm back. I don't really know what to say anymore cause there hasn't been much going on. I got MCR's greatest hits in the mail though! I the shirt and everything. Last weekend I went to Big Cat Rescue with my dad and seen a show with some animals. The lady who was presenting the show was telling us about how animals are an important part of our human lives and important to this planet and I 100% agree. Did you know that there are about 3,200 tigers left in the wild?


This is my birthday cake! Like it?


Yay! I'm finally 14! I want to blog about my weekend at my dad's house. So he planned a bunch of stuff to do for the weekend because its been about 3 or 4 weeks since I actually seen him aside form the 5 minutes we exchange hugs and "I miss you's" when me and my mom go to pick up my little brother. So anyways, we first went to the mall and he bought me 2 MCR shirts and a Black Butler shirt and Black Butler belt and the rest of the Black Cat anime. Then we went to this really cool aquarium and seen lots of pretty fish. There was this huge fish that we decided to name Mellon.


OH MY! GUYS!!! I JUST PRE ORDERED THE GREATEST HITS!!!! After begging my mom to pre order it and balling my eyes out towards her she finally gave in! Since its a few days before my 14th birthday I told her that it could be the only birthday present I get. Honestly it is the only thing I want for my birthday. BUT I'M SO HAPPY OMG!!! I'm going to scream into my pillow and cry tears of joy (and sadness since I'm still not over the brake up). So long and goodnight to all you killjoys! It's been awhile.

Back! I'm moving! Again!

A little update on whats happening in my life.. So my parents are splitting. I'm going with my mom to Tampa and my dad is staying here with my little brother. My 3 older brothers are moving out. My family is falling apart. To be honest I'm not really sad about all of it. I feel more relieved. There will be less yelling and fighting about the stupidest things. We are kind of an unhappy stressed out family. We never really do anything together. Its the say thing everyday. After school and work we all scurry into our rooms and hide in the dark. I felt like its so unhealthy for us to do that.


Oh! I remember now! Have you ever seen anyone wearing a tail? I think its kind of cool so I bought a coyote tail at a fair awhile ago and I sometimes wear it. My dad thinks I am trying to be a furry but I only do it for the fashion. I don't wear it in school since I would be the only one in there wearing one. My friend said that she is going to buy a tail and wear it to school so I was all like "Oh cool! I have a tail" and she was all like "Ohs coolsnessess! When I get mah tail, we can wear them to school together" and I was all like "Ohs yes.


So, I haven't posted a blog in about a week. I have been listening to Sing on repeat for about an hour now. This song sends me on this long emotional roller coaster that is hard to get off of. I feel like crying right now. Even when the band was together I felt like crying when I listen to this song. Its a song that makes me happy but also sad at the same time if that makes sense. Like crying happy tears. I have been listening to each part of the song and all the instruments put into it that aren't as noticeable the first couple times you listen to it.


So, whats up guys? How was your day at school, work or in your mom's basement playing le xbox? Wow what a terrible way to start off a blog.. I feel stupid now. Anyway, I really have nothing to talk about since my life is so boring. I am reading a book series and its called The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. Its a good series... Yea... I feel really happy right now but I don't know why. Bored and happy.

One last thing.

I love how I can type HUGE blogs but not type my Language Arts homework.

I'm back! gauging problems, Hottopic people, and weird bus talk!

Hey guys! I totally just forgot what I was going to blog about.

Ok! So I haven't been on in a long time. I deleted all my blogs just because... yea. Anyways! I am getting gauges!! Well I'm gauging already. I have tapers in. I tell you how this all happened. So I was payed $20 for allowance of things I don't know I even did so me and my brother went to the mall. We went to Spencer's and we were looking at the gauges since he had 2G and is planning to go to 00G. I have been talking about gauging my ears to him all the time since he came down from Michigan for Thanksgiving.