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The back of the class that's where the bad ass cool kids and preps sit pretending not to listen or care.
The front of the class the die hard nerds hanging on to every word the teacher says.
The middle is where the the wannabe cool kids sit trying to fit in.
Then comes you and me the social rejects that everyone hates sitting at the side of the class close to the corner.
That's how the social order goes the nerds,the preps,the wannabes and the outcasts.
The preps the people everyone strived to be like perfect in every way.
The bad ass cool kids the gangsters and players that again everyone


so my skin is horrible I get really bad spots and now my skin has gone really dry great.I was just wondering what you guys do to help stop them and get rid of them and dry skin I don't wear foundation or concealer but I do wear eyeliner,mascara and lipgloss please help me I feel so horrible I'm already a giant (5ft 9.5inches tall) and this is really bothering me as it's making my confidence and self esteem get even lower I used to cry when I looked in the mirror and when my friends have fits over a zit grrr I know there is more to life than how you look but it actually hurts please help me

On The Inside We Are All Scared Of The Monsters We Have Become.

The first day I moved to the town I know call "home" I was a scared shy two year old and on that day I met 4 girls one an utter b/tch who then moved to wales when she was 7 (thank goodness she was horrid) another who was a friend to start but then turned horrible and got one of her mates to stalk girl number 3.Girl number 3 the first person I met and from that moment on I knew we would be bffs to this very day and the last girl a shy girl of welsh origin her mum wasn't very nice but she was lovely.Then last year girl number 4 and her mates tormented one of my now bestfriends and I didn't know

Kick Donkey With Me !!!

Let's kick donkey (ass)
Cuz let's face it we aren't ever gonna get rid of the past but we can change the future ignore the hate the comments I'm sure everyone on this site has been bullied so we're always here to give a helping hand and they're probably just jealous.
I have always been bullied for my height,hair colour,surname,eyeliner,accent,lisp(when I used to wear retainers) and all other kinds of crazy shit and only after I started listening/loving MCR my life changed.I used to listen to the hate and think there was something wrong with me and change to please others everyone my

Uh-Oh I'm Gonna Get A Lot Of Hate For This But At Least Listen

Killjoys it doesn't matter how long you've been a fan for your still a fan and I think it's just harsh that all those people are saying how annoying it is that people have only just joined and call themselves a killjoy HELLO we are all on this site we are all killjoys there is no social ranking we are all equal that's what being a KILLJOY is all about being equal with one another and fighting for what you believe in I don't care if you all hate me now it's the truth so what I haven't been a fan since bullets HELLO I was 2 and a half years old when MCR formed so I can't exactly be a fan since

Angels Deserve To Die.

Does anyonelse like system of a down?? I love them they are amazing!

I haven't got anything any important to say other than I've thought anout dying again and I'm depressed again I'm listening to panic!at the disco trying to be happy but it's eating me up I told one of my friends how I feel and I almost made her cry I used to see a counselour but I don't want my parents to know my sisters look up to me too much I feel sick and I just don't know anymore

live life loud and don't give in to the bullies and haters your better off with out them so squeeze that zit clean up the mess and move on

It's A Sunny Day And No One Want's To "Play".

So band was good today I learnt to play Pirates Of The Carrabean which is pretty good and now I'm alone and bored so I'm listening to System Of A Down-BYOB and Chop Suey love those tunes.
And it carries on I waste my life waiting for everyonelse and then when they want to talk I'm busy my life is so numb it revolves arounf music I fall asleep to music,I dream of music,I wake to music,I listen to music all day,If I'm not listening I'm thinking about it and when I'm not listening to music I'm playing music (piano,recorder,tenor horn,french horn and soon guitar) and thatt's how I live there is

Girl You Ain't Ever Gonna Bring Me Down Even Lower.

Is it right to hate someone because they like different music to you??
This girl at school yesterday slapped me because I said I hate one direction I didn't mean it like I would kill them hate them I just really am fed up with having to listen to their songs in the car and nearly all my friends are obssessed so it drives me crazy but she slapped me and I still have a bruise/red mark and it was over 24 hours ago it's stupid it's just cuz I stand up for this girl who she used to bully cuz she hasn't slapped loads of other people but literally everytime I see her I almost always get slapped or

Blah Blah Blah I'm A Thief 100% Stolen Questions 100% True Ansewers...

Have you ever:
1) Self harmed?
2) Got into a real fight?
3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
Yes but school and my mother prevented me from staying there :(
4) Tried to commit suicide?
5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
Almost everyday.
6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
Nope I don't really watch tv
7) Talked yourself out of serious trouble?
I talked myself out of detentions several times.......
8) Accused someone of using you?
Yes and I have been accused and lied to about being accused :(
9) Shoplifted

Just reminising in the past I joined this site a few days before I went on holiday to france with school me and my mates I'm gonna tell you the highlights of our trip.

Friday 10th February
-discovering I had left my make up bag at home (NIGHTMARE)
-annoying everyone with MCR and other forms of rock and metal
-My friend made up "le pedo" because we saw this weird guy outside the chateu dressed in white and looking creepy so we named in "le pedo" the jokes about him are endless.
-Getting scared of french cheese
-Listening to Trivium for the first time
-One of the