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Safe And Sound.

The video is my neighbour singing at her friends house I think she sounds amazing (she's the one wearing a blue jumper) the song isn't very good but they make it sound pretty.I hope you guy's enjoy it xxx :)

My First My Chemical Romance Top.

YES I now officially own a My Chemical Romance T-shirt does anyonelse have the same one as me ??? I'm so happy I have Falling In Reverse Playing loud this song is my theme song for my life I swear I hope your day is as amazing as mine !!!! XD

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis cyanide sulfar wonderland

p.s. I'm writing another story it's like 7 pages long (i'm handwriting it) and it's not even finished yet !!!!1

Been There,Done That Got The T-shirt To Prove It....

WHOOO HOOOO My first MCR t-shirt is on the way it should be here sometime next week or the week after I'm so excited!
But with every positive come a negative this one being I broke the fuse on my netbook's charger and I only got the charger fixed a month ago my dad's gonna kill me so I'm trying to preserve the energy speaking of which I should definatly not listen to Avenged Sevenfold through my netbook ...oh well life's too short XD

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

Music Makes My World Go Round.

I just feel like discovering something new and seeing as I only have 153 songs on my mp3 player (yes some people still have those) I thought why not try listening to a new band here is a list of most of the bands I already listen to and I would love some suggestions of bands that I could listen to.

-My Chemical Romance
-Black Veil Brides
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Guns N Roses
-Marilyn Manson
-The Blackout
-You Me At Six
-All Time Low
-Asking Alexandria
-Sex Pistols
-Blood On The Dancefloor
-Primal Scream
-Panic At The Disco
-Linkin Park
-System Of A Down

Just Keep On Killing

Lying on the floor forever bleeding
that's how i left him i didn't think of the consequences
i didn't think that i needed him
i didn't think that i loved him
but i did.
Now he comes back from beyond the grave to become my best friend
my killing partner
he chooses the victim
i choose the place
and he chooses the time
and we do the deed
smiling as we carry out our evil plans
hand in hand
arm in arm we run from the cops
but i didn't think of the consequences
hell finally claimed him and now i'm alone
in a cell reminiscing the days when we could carry out our plans until i notice something move

You Probably Already Know This But Oh Well.

[x] I love music
[x] My Chemical Romance IS my favorite band
[x] i am who i am and no one can change that
[x] people hate me when i am myself
[x] i am a vegertarien (since the day my mum found out she was pregnant)
[x] i have been bullied and still do get bullied

[x] my parents hate my style
[x] i am crazy
[x] i am shy
[ ] i am in a relationship (lonely single pringle lol)
[x] i am funny
[x] i have been/am depressed
[x] i have attempted suicide

[x] music is who i am
[x] i play an instrument (4 to be exact soon to be 5 XD)
[x] sing (i'm good apparently)
[x] i have been to a

What To Write About ........

Today I could write about so many things boy problems,lost friendships,possible cannibals and so many more but I'm gonna talk about this.
On Thursday 26th April 2012 at around 10:53pm My Chemical Romance saved my life I'd had enough and I could think of so many people better off without me from my family to my friends 98% of them would be better off without me I even broke my sisters leg when I was 3 so yeah that paints a picture the only good thing left in my life was music and my friends but I think I've lost half of them any way I was in my bed I was planning it out I even wrote a letter

Ghosties,Burgelurs Or Maybe It's Just Me..

Well I think someone has just broken into my house as I can hear the door opening so I'm gonna go see wish me luck if it's a burgelur (I can't spell) maybe they'll knock me out and get rid of this headache allong with my memories of yesterday ...I'll be back...
Nope no burgelurs today but someone had definatly been in my house as i don't remember the washing machine being on and my dogs are barking again... time to investigate again....
no one was there but the

Linkin Park-Burn It Down

It's a little different to my usual music but I love it the lyrics are amazing.

School sucks today I had to go home cuz I'm ill and they refused to help me until I fot rid of my eye make up which is so stupid I was tempted to say well then I'll wait till 2:55 (what time my school ends) and walk out but then I'd have got a detention or something and I just felt so low I couldn't be bothered to cause an argument while I was taking my make up off these gobby year 7's come up to me and ask me if I'm a goth and I was just like seriously I could have given them a lecture about stereotypes and stuff


The back of the class that's where the bad ass cool kids and preps sit pretending not to listen or care.
The front of the class the die hard nerds hanging on to every word the teacher says.
The middle is where the the wannabe cool kids sit trying to fit in.
Then comes you and me the social rejects that everyone hates sitting at the side of the class close to the corner.
That's how the social order goes the nerds,the preps,the wannabes and the outcasts.
The preps the people everyone strived to be like perfect in every way.
The bad ass cool kids the gangsters and players that again everyone