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System Of A Down- Bring Your Own Bitch (BYOB)awesome song by an awesome band i hope you guys love it as much as i do.I chose it for today's song of the day because i had two hours of history today and we're doing about pearl harbour as we just finished doing hitler and the dawn of WW2 i'm really stupid i laughed through the pearl harbour film on thursday because i didn't think it was real and i was messing about drawing vampires plus i've had a combination of a good day and a bad day.Thankyou for your advice yesterday i got my haircut not exactly how i wanted my dad's from a super strict

Chop Suey

Well I got a new haircut and it looks pretty good I would take pictures but I really can't be bothered to take some I promise I will tomorrow though.

Hair Dilemma If That's How You Spell it...

I have a problem I can't choose how I want my hair cut I'm going to the hairdressers in 3 hours and I still haven't made up my mind I know how I want the fringe but I don't know about length or layers so here are 3 pictures of hairstyles I like and I think might suit me please comment your opinion IT WILL BE VALUED I really do need some advice I have Blonde,medium length and quite thick hair Please pretty please help me THANKYOU SO MUCH xxxx :)

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!


Pick Up The Phone

Falling In Reverse-Pick Up The Phone.I love this song it's amazing it really does kick ass it rocks.So today I chose it as my song of the day because it describes how I felt yesterday I was angry and hurt it's sorted out now but I'd had not one not two but THREE yes three arguments with friends in the space of 5 days and they were pretty big arguments.It's okay now but I just feel like I'm straining a few of my friendships I don't know what the future holds but at least I'm finally getting permission of my mother to learn bass guitar but first I have to master the acoustic guitar which is


SlipKnot - Duality awesome tune I love it and I love SlipKnot so that's why it's my song of the day today :)

I got a huge poster of MCR with my Kerrang! magazine today can't wait till wednesday then I'll have a massive one of Frank Iero to add to my bedroom wall :)

I'm trying to be happy today as I've fallen out with two of my closest friends as G made a picture collage using a really horrible picture of me on one of the most embarrassing days of my life I felt really ugly and horrid that day and I hate the picture so then after she'd made the collage she posted it on facebook for the whole

Shut Me Up

Firstly this song is just fuckin awesome and the video is just as awesome.But the reason this is my song of the day today because i've tried to talk to people and tell them things but i've either forgotten or they've shut me up a good day never the less just a bit disappointed that i didn't get to tell someone some important stuff.
I hope you love this song as much as I do MSI ROCK!!!!!! XD

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland

Tears Don't Fall.

I'm gonna try and do a song of the day thing where I basically choose a song that describes my day and post it on here.I love this song by Bullet For My Valentine.It's amazing.And it's been stuck in my head all day.
I had a fight with a friend but to be honest I don't care she can be a bitch when she wants to but no one but me seems to know that.I wrote a song it's about a goodbye post I saw on this website written by notinthisalone I know that she is now alive and hopefully she will be alive for a long time as she is a lovely person.
Just found out he doesn't fancy me haha I was right but he

Never Wanted To Dance

Sitting alone at the party while you dance with him perfectly in time the spotlight on you both as you danced it was beautiful like nothing anyone had ever seen before.Why couldn't we be like that?

I'm Such A Bad Person....

A few weeks ago when I was really depressed I would always tell my one friend as she understood me and I've always helped her but then yesterday when I found out she kept feeling depressed I have a feeling that it might of helped cause it.She talked me out of suicide twice and when I speak to her on msn we always end up bringing my past self and I used to be a proper preppy bitch trying to fit in I even bullied people I was horrid I hated myself and tried to fit in and copy everyonelse but it failed and when I discovered MCR I packed in the pretending I sort of died inside to become me now

Sometimes I don't Know Why I Bother.....

Sometimes talking about "it" makes it worse whenever I talk about "the old me" I get depressed and feel horrid and just want to die.What's worse is when my friends bring it up and I try to get out of talking about it by saying "look I don't want to talk about it" or something and they carry on and I feel invisible they are all like but you landed this on us and we need to talk about it I need to know.No no you don't need to know and I hate talking about it why can't we just forget the past that made me want to die and look forward to the rockin' future I mean seriously half the time they're