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Random Musings Of A MCR Obsessive

Well it's been a while what's up with the lovely MCRmy today?? I'm super excited about Conventional Weapons I just hope they release it as a CD as I don't like downloading songs does anyone know if they will release it as a CD?I should be doing science homework right now about Cancer but surely if I'm listening to MCR-Cancer that counts right???Any way do you likey my hello kitty hat it is epic and a super gift off my lovely beautiful amazing bestmate a fabulous member of the MCRmy!
Now Take The Weapon And Run With It
-Cyanide Kiss
(Yeah I kinda didn't know how to sign off so I'm sticking to

Happy Birthday Michael James Way

Happy Birthday Michael James Way keep on rockin' out just the way you are You inspired me to become a bassist and you and you brother have helped me so much in becoming who I am and helping through all the bullying,"emo",suicidalness and whateverelse going on in my life and I'm sure in the lives of every other Killjoy/MCRmy Soldier/Parader/Survivor/My Chemical Romance fan there is would say something similar thank you for being amazing and the best you can be.
Now Take The Weapon And Run With It
Cyanide Kiss

Looking Back

The first picture is of me in summer last year,before i was afraid to make the change to rock i loved it i just didn't want people to know it.
The second picture is of me at christmas 2011pretending to be happy and having a good time when really i was more self centered than ever then the final picture is of me a few days ago no sloppy foundation just me being me i may not be able to have my dream haircut or tattoo's but someday soon i will be able to.Looking back people still find it hard to believe that before January 30th 2012
I was afraid to be different i wasted hundreds of pounds trying


I'm obsessed with this song! It's epic!

The Rasmus-In The Shadows

Listen to it,it's EPIC!

Now take the weapon and run with it.
Cyanide Kiss

*Re-Post Of The Self-Harm Rule*

I’d prefer you read the whole post if you haven’t already, but if not, the bottom line is this; if you post about self harm, it will be deleted, so don't do it in the first place.

Hey Everyone!

It's the Mod Squad again, popping in to give you guys a small reminder of the rules. We all know everyone hates spamming and hate posts, and we all know that we have to be excellent with each other and NOT to post pictures of the bands family... but the most important rule is the Self Harm rule.

We all understand that life can be hard for everyone, because we all come from different walks of life.


KERRANG! Radio just played my request Mindless Self Indulgence-Never Wanted To Dance
Me and my mum have stopped arguing!!!!!!!!!!!

Now take the weapon and run with it
Cyanide Kiss


Heyy Guys so I only have 53 likes on my page which is a real milestone for me and I was wondering if anyone would like to be an admin if not could you please like the page thanks!
Now take the weapon and run with it
Cyanide Kiss

I love Ashley Purdy and his amazing quotes but here's a few more that I love...

"suicide isn't cowardly. i'll tell you what's cowardly; treating people so badly that they want to end their lives."

" A cup at Starbucks isn't really that expensive when you consider what Victoria's Secret charges per cup.."

"Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, make sure it's wet & rub up & down. Yep that's how you wash a cup!"

"Kiddies don't have phone sex. You might get hearing aids."

"Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having."

"Kiss an

My New Do

You guys like my hair do? My mate cut it for me with a razor and a pair of scissors I'm only the second person she's ever cut hair for so I think it's pretty epic oh and I got a new MCR hoodie for £25 off the open air market it was definatly worth waking up at 8 am for!
Now take the weapon and run with it.
~Cyanide Kiss

Youtube Convertor?

Sorry guys about the longtime no see i just have a big question for you all Is youtube convertor legal? I have no clue and I would appreciate if someone could help me out thankyou all x
now take the weapon and run with it
cyanide kiss