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aviiisWonderland's blog

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Extra Info On Aviiis Wonderland

I thought the world would want to know more about me so here goes.

Have you ever.....
Spelt your own name wrong?
yes lot's it's embarrassing I know.
liked a girl/guy?
Yes and I still do but it's a secret shh.
kissed someone at school?
hugged someone at school?
Yes several times I always give people hugs it makes them feel loved and appreciated.
gotten a detention?
no but I have been given several penalties which are like detentions.
cried in school?
Yep like today from laughing too much in ict I laughed so hard i just sat ont he floor crying and laughing.
made new friends?

For The First Time...

Heyy KillJoys and Lepracorns of the world,

(sorry if i spelt lepracorns wrongx)

So what is going through my mind?

Stand Tall And Live Life To The Fullest

As me and my mate were walking to PE after some convincing as she thought what she was about to tell me would upset me she finally says to me"Some kids in my class and genrally people around school have been saying stuff about your hair and eye-makeup."Me being me I couldn't give a damn what people say about me so that's what I told her.But seriously Killjoys when people say to you something like "Why do you have your hair like that freak." or "Whats with the eye-make up weirdo."you can either walk away or tell them that's how I like it or that is how I choose to express myself then walk

Don't Wish Your Life Away

Today at school one of my friends turns to me and says "I wish I had a figure like yours I'm so fat." I disagreed with her as she may be quite small but she is really pretty with an athletic build.This got me thinking why does everyone always want to wish to be someone else because none of us are perfect we are all individual and different."we are all wierdos and freaks in our own little ways." so why should we bother trying to look like someonelse I may not feel happy with the way I am because I have a few spots but they will go and why are kids worrying about their weight unless they are