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x-actly what I thought

"Here's another song for the radio,here's another lie from the heart"

That quote from mcfly actually means something it means a lot.It explains the plastic,the fakeness of the 21st century of the music to the fashion to the politics people say stuff but they don't mean it.Liars are the norm and actors is the species.Sometimes people will let you down with lies but you have to move on.I know this probably will offend people but My Chemical Romance are of the few bands out there that can actually write their own songs,sing, play instuments and make life good once more.LIVE LIFE LOUD.Don't turn

Painting Pictures In The Dark

I'm going to my grandparents later to do some painting with my Grandad I love painting and I'm really good at it I'm good at drawing as well the pictures are a few drawings I've done in the past when I've been hurt or angry.I mostly draw or paint at night in the dark when I'm alone as that's when most of my emotions come flowing out from when I've been hurt in the past but surely what doesn't kill you makes you stronger if it didn't I wouldn't be here now.

I'm currently rocking to Kerrang Radio the neighbours love me for it mwhaha

Have a nice day KillJoys

Peace.Eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

I am Not A Nerd.

I am soo happy here are 3 reasons why:

1)I created the MCRmy Midlands page on facebook Please Like it

2)I am performing in another concert on Gerard Ways and My dogs birtday

3)I am currently eating choclatey goodness called cadbury twirl yummy !!

Peace.Eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland


I feel so rubbish I need happy news KillJoys what's going on in your lives anything good??
The only good thing that has happened so far to me today is that I woke up to Gerard Way belting out Dead and I think that may be the only good thing that will happen to me today so KillJoys I hope your day goes better than mine I will try and think happy thoughts but I think I will fail so yeah if you have any good news please share I need to something to be happy about xxxx

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland

Queer Little ...I mean Tall Girl

I have some things to say and they are: VOTE FOR MCR WE ARE LOSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a giant I am 13 years old and I am 5ft 9 and a 1/2 or 176 cm tall (yes I am being serious)

The picture's on my hand is art and I really should stop drawing on my hands

The song is Doom Riff by Skindred

I feel really down and stupid right now

And I want to write a poem so here goes this may or may not explain my rubbish mood.

Number 42 Farewell Sreet Of Lonely Hearts

That's how it's always been and that's how it seems to stay.
What's right?What's wrong?

Oh My Gosh !!!!!!!!

Sorry about that I just had to scream loudly my liife fails again I had to listen to an hour of nicki minaj and one direction in pe cuz we are doing dance.Then we had 2 long boring hours of maths and I am super thick so I struggled really badly with everything, then at lunch my friends boyfriend the one I am forever moaning about finallly dumped her but she is happy as no one should ever have to put up with someone like that and I think they are both over each other and moving on to bettter things.So that's what happened at school I listened to deadmau5's song with Gerard and I

Poetry About A Small Situation

Here's a big poem to explain a small problem *hint hint I have been blogging about it for a while*
I hope it kind of makes more sense to everyone what I have been going through for the past few months.

You see nothing.
I see everything.
The way you giggle with me when you are being nasty to her.
The way you cried when she dumped you.
The way you smiled when you got back together.
The way you flirt with me when she's gone.
The way you flirt with me when she's here.
The way you stare at me for hours upon end.
The way as you hug her you are looking at me.
It wasn't Like this before you

Life As We Know It.

OH MY GOSH!!! I feel like screaming right now I have just seen a post about fan wars SERIOUSLY can't people get over the fact that some people like different bands and dress in different ways get over it URGGHHHH I'm sorry this is turning into a rant but it's really hacking me off and it's going to end with someone becoming so obssessed with these wars they will end up self harming,phsically fighting people and possibly death so I'm begging everyone and anyone involved in these fan wars to just stop, leave it and walk away is it really worth the effort why should you waste your life doing

Goodness Gracious Me

What's wrong with the world??!?!?!? I went into town today shopping with my friend and everything was so expensive even in PRIMARK I was thinking why would anyone pay £15 for a pair of jeans I am 5ft 9 and a 1/2 (176 cm) tall so it's obviously expensive for me to buy jeans especially as I'm really skinny but the most I have ever had to pay for a pair of jeans was £12 and they were designer and I have had them for 3 years they are still too big for me even today.Another thing that hacked me off was that H+M have been photo shopping models to make them look skinnier so me and my mate didn't buy


Saviour - Black Veil Brides.I love this song it's beutiful and it always reminds me of the good we KillJoys do we save lives by iving each other advice when we are down so I thought I would post it to spread the love.

Again I didn't bother confronting my bestfriends boyfriend (I soo should of) as she dumped him then started going back out with him but he still he keeps flirting and at lunch today they were sitting on a table opposite us and he kept staring at me in a dreamy kind of way I AM SO CONFUSED I told my friend as this has been going on for a while and it's really hacking me off.