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All We Are Is Bullets.

Heyy KillJoys,
4 Things that I have to say today and they are.

1) I really wanna buy My Chems first album Bullets but I can't find any where that sells it new help me please I'd do the same for any of you x

2)I had a wonderful time at my mates house today that's why my post is a bit late I love you guys

3)I'M CONFUSED -I don't even know why but at least I'm not as depressed today :)

4) I'M STILL CONFUSED but know I think I know why I hope the song explains ;)

(halestorm-Love Bites awesome tune !!!)

who knew being a teenager could suck so much

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!


Again Another Bad Day :(

My life sucks I've just had some awful news,my dad STOOD on my 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge album so it now has a crack in it :'( it feels like nearly all my friends are avoiding me and life just generally sucks if you have had any good news please share I need something to be happy for I don't want to let the depression take over again :'(

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland

P.s.I found My Black Nail Polish yay!!!

Tweet Tweet I want Twitter

Hola KillJoys ,

So I want a twitter account to see all of My Chem's updates and all the other bands I like I just wanna know do you when it says join twitter put your full name or can you use a name you've made up or KillJoy name or whatever

The song is Diamond Days by Kids in glass houses I love this song!!!!!!

The pic of the t-shirts were made by fands at a Black Veil Brides concert and I think they are awesome!!!!

Which leads me to say the concert yesterday went amazing the mayor of tewksebury even came to watch XD

hope you have a great day where ever you are on planet earth or in a

Love this band I don't care if this song is from 1973 this band is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!


I have to perform in a concert later I have spent an hour practising this isn't my first concert but it will be my first concert with this band and it will be in tewkesbury town hall and I've never been there so it will be a day of new expieriences the only downside is I have to grease the valves on my horn and that always takes a while so I might not have time to have any food before I leave later :(

I play E flat Tenor Horn

I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely sassy awesome Gerard Way you save lives with your music and change them forever you have a loving caring familly an awesome brother and amazing wife and a lovely daughter.You have been rocking for 11 years that's virtually a life time keep on Rockin' Gerard your only 35 you've still got plenty of time to keep changing the world thank you for being you and for not changing to please others but only yourself and for that we all applaud you Keep Rockin' Gerard !!!!

Happy Birthday to my dog Ruby I love you loads you are 3 today that's 21 in dog years

So Many Birthdays ..........


I may not like twilight or Kristen Stewart but you got to wish a girl happy birthday it's the right thing to do.........SAYS ME who has never done anything right in their life.

I am currently starving it's easter sunday everyone but me is spending their easter sunday eating easter eggs and having roast dinners and fun stuff then there's me listening to the Kerrang!Rock 100 and starving because my mother decided to paint the kitchen and is refusing to give anyone any food ... oh well at least I will be a bit slimmer.

The Happiest Hyperest Feeling Ever

I don't feel as depressed no more I haven't even cut today just thought I'd tell the world !!!
thankyou KillJoys for being there and being ready for when ever one of us feels down one of you lot out there will pick us right back up again

have a nice weekend

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland

Feeling Down

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain a musical genius and nirvana legend

I hate pretending to be happy each morning and struggling to get through the day trying to be happy.

Let's pretend I didn't write that here's a little song I wrote

The Chameleon Of The Dead Death Beat

I wish sometimes I could fly
but at other times I wish I could die
Sat alone in the corner in the corner
I see you but can you see me?
I am invisble the chameleon of the

the beat it runs through my veins
absorbs all the dark and hides from the light
babe it's the dead.death.beat.

drum roll please for the

I don't know what to say

here's a song I'm messed up I know but the fact is I had the guts to write and express how I feel please comment about your thought on this song.

The Grande Finale

As tears slide down my face do you care ?
Do you fuckin care ?
That I love you .
Always have and always will.
I bleed for you yours eternally babe
Do you?

Do you hear me when I scream
Do you think I'm pretty without make up
Do you care that I'm screaming out
Do you care enough to bleed for me would you babe
I'd fuckin die for you but would you do the same

Now were running far away from the place we called home
now we are flying

Why Would You Do This ???

Read the article and you will understand

all I have to say is remember when hitler attacked who were there ?? we fought for freedom against discrimination and then these people do this why? That is disgusting knowing that over there I would be killed for being myself that is disgusting why would muslims kill teenagers just for being "emo" or looking like one all I have to say to them is:
you say you are doing this in the name of God but would God want you to kill his people ?? we may not be musllim but but we are still people and