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I Gotta Get Fit I Gotta Get Fit I Gotta StopQuoting Ashley Purdy I Gotta Get Fit!

Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzup! Any bassists round these parts know any good websites for absolute 100 percent beginners? i just picked it up and it's black and pink and beautiful! Thankyouu and if not any really easy songs! thankingyouuu again!

Stolen...but it looked fun....

[x] Had beer
[] Smoked an entire cigarette
[] Done drugs.
[x] Written on a bathroom wall.
[] Read a George Orwell book.
[x] Had a physical fight.
[x] Used Twitter.
[x] Listened to Lady Gaga
[x] Been in a car accident.
[] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten expelled.
[ ] Been allergic to something.
[x] Got a computer virus.
[x] Touched a real gun.
[x] Had a dog.
[x] Had a cat.
[.....]Been pregnant.
[x] Camped out
[x] Swam in the ocean.
[x] Wore a bikini
[x] Driven a car
[x] Been sent to the principal.
[x] Ever liked someone.
[ ] Failed a class.
[x] Failed a test.
[...] Went

Mindless Self-Indulgunce Tour 2012

OMG! THEY ARE SO CLOSE AND I CAN'T SEE THEM all of you going to see MSI live at Birmingham NIA today you are SO LUCKY I wish i could be there with you but due to my sisters and my friends birthdays I CAN'T GO please message me or post a blog on here on how amazing it was i want to know!
I'm sorry about my tantrum it won't happen again...hopefully
Now Take The Weapon And Run With It
Cyanide Kiss X



Now Take The Weapon And Run With It Cyanide Kiss 

This Just Doesn't Happen...

On saturday me and my mates were in town and across the street from Four Leaf there was a girl in complete MCR t-shirt,hoodie,bag,bracelets everything! I whisper to my mate "Oh my god! that girl is amazing i want her outfit she's epic"she just replied with "yeah cool" so we went in Four Leaf and she and her mum followed me in and we talked for ages and turns out this girl had seen MCR TWICE IN THE SAME YEAR!

Sour Sweets And Loud Guitars



WHAZZZZUP!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for my lack of blogs recently I haven't had much to say other than I want to thank all the amazing killjoys,paraders,revengers,bullets and in general every MCR fan I have ever spoken through this website you guys are so amazing you literally make my day with the amazing conversations we have so if ever anyone wants to message me I will always be here to listen and talk!!! And I also want to thank the amazing admins when I first joined the site I was clueless but I spoke to some admins via blogs and messages and you guys rock!! I love this site and all the people I

Help Me!!

Heyy Guise can you please help me i wanna know if i can buy MCR-The Black Parade B-side as a separate cd as I already have the black parade but not the B-side Thankyou so much!!!
Now Take The Weapon And Run With It.
Cyanide Kiss

Which Album Is This Song Off???

Hi guise it'd be really appreciated if someone could tell me the album this song is off thanks!
Now Take The Weapon And Run With It
Cyanide Kiss

I love The Bass Solo In Mindless Self Indulgence-Due

Good afternoon/evening/morning/night my lovelies how are you all?I've had a pretty alright day y'know not much I can complain about other than geography is a waste of my life and I burnt the whole inside of my mouth on a vegetarian hot-dog two days ago and still kills.But on the plus side this girl who beat me up last week is finally getting what she deserves and I know this sounds harsh but I'm glad she's getting it as she makes up all kinds of lies such as pretending she has a really serious illlness that people die from it's really bad but she's going to anger management and so hopefully