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having a laugh;)

My mates decided todo a proper make over I couldnt be bothered so I decided to my own thing what do u think do ya like it:) im in the first pic and my mates in the other two :)

Im so happy:)

Its great im seeing ade edmondson and the badshepards , The selecter, Adam ant and hopefully if MCR have any dates going on soon, parents promised to take me cant get much better than that:)
ahhh excited
Anyone seeing anyone this year ???:)

Anyone want to follow me??:)

Hay would like some more followers on twitter im @MCRAutumn only recently joined so havent got that many followers :) Just say your a mcr fan and that would be helpful hehe thanks:)

Please Help!! (Twitter)

Well i have just sighned up to twitter and i havent got clue how to use it so if anyone could tell me how to use it or what is the best thing to do it would help

Number five!!!:)

YAY its amazing they are both amazing songs but out of the two surrender the night is my favourite :) my favourite 5 overall is the world is ugly , kiss the ring, gun , tomorrows money and surreder the night but they are all brilliant :) What your favourites ???:)

Rumours :(

Well im starting to worry because I dont want believe it but I have Hurd my chem are splitting over the Mickey thing and I just want to say that they are so dedicated to the band.and there fans that I dont think a situation like this is going to ruin this amazing band :) and im sure they will tell is themselves if it's going to happen or not
Also they have help so many people and the only way I can cheer up after a horrible. And day at school is by :):)listening to there music and listening to what they have to say id be lost without them :)
Thought I should say something :)

Knee surgery !!

Ok , just found out that i have to have surgery on my knee in two weeks time i have torn caralage(dont know if i spelt that correctly) around my knee i done it in a rugby match. im not really scared but im worried anything could happen but at least it means i can get back into my rugby that i miss so dearly.:) iv been waiting 3 months for a letter back saying whether i need it or not and finally have the results i was starting to get irratated :)

I want to write something but i dont know what:/

Im bored out of my face AGAIN!! and i dont know what to do with myself and i want to post something on here but dont know what. Any suggestions???:)

Anyone want to chat ????:)

Anyone want a chat fed up with doing homework
The pictures are me and my mates on my 13th bday at thorpe park
A bit about me if your interested
1. im 13 years old
2. i live in england , devon
3. i have brown long hair and brown eyes
4. im rather tall for my age
5. i spend most of my time drawing and listen to music (My Chemical Romance , Sex Pistols , Black Sabbeth and Nirvana and a bit of the rolling stones and the hives)
6. i love sports mainly rubgy and basketball and sometimes football:)

Yeah thats all i think you need to know about me so yeah if you want a chat message me :)
oh and im

Leave Mickey alone !!!

yeah i know what mickey done wasnt great but he can do what he wants and maybe there was a perfectly good reason for what he had done we dont know what goes on his life :/