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Haya pics!!!:)

Hay my next few blogs are going to be Mcr pics saw some other people doing it thought id share what iv got :) hope you like :)

Drawings;) Why not :) oh oh and vinyl YAY!!:)

so here are some drawings i fancyed giving a go today hehe why not;) and also my conventional weapons no.1 vinyl looking beautiful on my wall hehe:)


sooo bored right now anyone want to chat :) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! sorry tired but cant sleep got a mental cough and cold havent slep properly in a while :/

i have ballsed thing right up:'(

so yeah title kinda says it my friend told me something shoking about my other friend that really worried me and stuff and i didnt want to beleive it and i wanted to check for myself if it was true or a load of bullocks so i asked her and now shes demanding to know who told me and where alll the shit came from and i didnt want to cause it would get me and my mate into deep deep shit but she was getting so angry at me so i told her without thinking so now shes not talking to me and im worried noones going to forgive me all i wanted to do was check cause shes my best friend and i love her to

your all lovely:)<3

i just wanted to say that without you lot i wouldnt be able to let things out and id be on my own in the room and with all your company it makes me feel soooooo much better :) And i can talk about proper music with you lot cause with all my mates at school and stuff they all love one direction and justin beiber and i dont want to be talking about that crap ;)
Thanks just thought i should share my thoughts with you:)


i dont know why but when i see or hear lyrics that i think are AMAZING!! i just want to share them with the world here are a few i adore :
'Tell me im a angel take this to my grave'
'gimme love, I don't need it, But I'll take what I want from your heart and I'll keep itIn a bag, in a box , put an X on the floor gimme more'

if you have any lyrics that you particularly like please share them with me they dont have to be MCR they can be any band just say which hehe:)

My science project :'(

so i have to do this science project that involvesme making a 3D model of a molecule of my choice so i have chosen DNA molecule but i wasnt at school when we learnt about this stuff GRRRR sorry to bore u with this just annoyed :)

My mad fat diarys ???

so just recently started watching my mad fat diarys cause my mate recormened it to me saying it was amazing well its not amazng in my oppinon but its entertaining hehe:)
What are your opinons on it ???/:)

my second vinyl came today!!!:)

Ok so a day before HMV were announced clossing down I ordered the number 3 conventional weapons vinyl and iv waited since then for it to come and.i was think it was.not going to come but it came today thought id share this with u :) ahhhhhhhhhh so happy:)

Pancakes, Pancake, Pancakes

Ok so my dads off working and my mums ill and my two younger siblings want pancakes so i find pancake mix from the shelf and start to put it in the pan, basically the pancakes ended up looking like scrambled egg and my sister didnt eat it and my brother thought it was a poo( charming) so i dont think i will be makeing pancakes again hehe
Thought id share my pancake making experiance with you lot hehe :)
Anyone else have this problem ??