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if u have twitter:)

Haya if you have twitter please follow me @MCRAutumn i follow back without fail

MRI scan:/ its not all bad:)

well i had my MRI scan today which i didnt find that bad to be fair but i was allowed to bring in a CD to listen to whilst my 30min scan was going on and i had these massive head phones on and i was listening to My Chemical Romance Black parade album YESSSS!!!!;) so whilst i was going through this exciting but akward scan mcr were with me all the way :)
I was extremely happy ;)

dunno ???;)

Haya dunno what to post so i thought i show u guys what my brother done to my hair the other night hes only 8 but he thought he done a good job hehe bless him hay ;)

Pics:) of gerard:)

Pics of gerard :) YAY!!!!!!!!

Pics:) of frank:)

pis of frank and i think the last one is soooo cute;)

Pics:) of mickey:)

some pics of mickey :)

Pics:) of ray :)

all of ray yay:)

and the last ones ;)

these are my last ones might end up doing some more if i cant think of anything else to blog hehe:) on this on no. 3 is my favourite :)

And some more ;)

second pick is my favourite i think what about u ???:)

the pics :)

here are the pics i was on about :)