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AutumnMCR's blog

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Sorry it's been so long!!!

Hey everyone I have missed you all and I haven't been on here for ages and I thought I would start blogging again !!:') hope everyone is okay and if anyone wants a chat I'm here now so I would love to chat up !!


I havent been on here for ages how's everyone!? Anyone went to the comic day I missed it cause I dont have anything like that near me :( but anyone have the new.killjoy comic?!

Hay been while :/

Hay my fellow killjoy missed u all hope everyone's.couping with the shocking news:/ how is everyone ? What have I missed?:)

for neon angle person sorry forgot ur name

Sorry I forgot ur name but thanks for doing this :)

For angel-made-of-neon

this is for the thing u posted the other day i couldnt message it to u :)

thank u!! even though u propbably wont read this :)

thank you Gerard Way, Mickey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero you guys have allowed me to be more confident and i will miss u guys so much. thank u for your music i will admire you and listen music to ur music for years to come and im hopeing so dearly that one day there might be a return but ill be waiting for now:) i will always be a killjoy and ill never stop running and i will carry on .
Thank you
My Chemical Romance


To the band that meant everything to me thank u for ur music I will always be a fan and listen to ur music for years to come hope one day u guys will consider a future tour but I dont get is that I thought u were doing a new album ??

bowling/ jukebox :)

Went bowling today and decides to have a little look at what was on the jukebox and I thought that's have q little gander to c if. My chemical romance were in it and they were with plenatry go YAY!!! I played it 5 times get in there!!!;) hehe

some pics of me cause i dunno what to do;)

haya thought id post some pics of myself the last on was at crealy i got a bit wet in the water park oops hehe;)


well i love the song mama but every time my mum hears it she tuts and it really winds me up she does it cause of the lyric well there telling the truth ;)