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So I Guess I'll Be A Lemming...

and say Happy Anniversary to Gerard and Lyn-Z because, you know, no one else is doing so.


Black Parade jacket!

I finally ordered a Black Parade jacket! I can't wait for it to come. I have been saving up for months and I finally buy it! The mail better come soon.


P.S.- the second picture is of dolls that someone made. I don't know who did it but whoever you are, they are the cutest things ever! Good job!

What'll happen to the fanfics?

SO I've really enjoying reading fanfics for Danger Days and all and was thinking of writing my own but I was just wondering if those fanfics would continue or if people will start writing ones for the new album when it comes out because I've really gotten into some of the fanfics so I just wanted to know what the deal would be.


Just because I feel like it...

Gerard: clown hired for little kids' parties
Frank: circus midget
Ray: Medusa wanna-be
Mikey: mad scientist without evil laugh
Bob: Benedict Arnold

So, yeah.


Hi! I'm new!

Well, not that new, I've been on this site a lot before, but I finally got the nerve to ask my mom if I could get one (I don't know why it took me so long!), and the sign-up took forever (damn internet!). I am looking for anyone who would be willing to be friends with a psycho like me (I love decapitating animal crackers!) and will be willing to talk to people when I have free time (IF I have free time). I am also really serious about grammar (sorry). Love you Killjoys!
-Astronomical Apocalypse